Chic Choice: Megan Harrison ‘16

By Matt Ridge
Elm Staff Writer

When it comes to Halloween being chic isn’t typically the first thing people think about. If you’re dressing up of course you want to look good, but in a different kind of way than you would on a regular day. The desire to look good is more about your costume than it is about you personally. You have so many things to think about when choosing a costume: What is relevant now? What is relevant to me? Do I want to be scary? Do I want to be sexy? Will anyone know what I am? Do I care? All these questions and more go through everyone’s head when choosing the perfect costume. Junior Megan Harrison has managed to find not only her perfect Halloween costume but has made looking chic on this spooky holiday almost effortless.

What she’s wearing: A sequined headband with a red feather, a black dress, silver heels, fishnet stockings, black elbow length gloves, pearl necklace, a red feather boa, pearl drop earrings, and a cigarette holder.

Where she got it: “Well I already had the dress,” Harrison said, “Some stuff came from the Dollar Store because I’m cheap and didn’t want to spend a lot of money” a factor that Harrison later revealed as one of the reasons why she chose the costume. “Some things” she said, “came from Wal-mart, and a few of the specialty things, my headband and cigarette holder, came from actual Halloween/costume store.”

Junior Megan Harrison shows off her flapper costume she plans to wear this Halloween weekend.
Junior Megan Harrison shows off her flapper costume she plans to wear this Halloween weekend.

Why she chose it: “I just watched ‘The Great Gatsby’ movie a week ago,” Harrison said. “Also, a flapper is a pretty popular costume, so I thought it would be a cute idea and didn’t think it cost a lot of money or effort to put together.”

Why do you like Halloween: Though she says the holiday is just okay, Harrison said that “Halloween is fun because you can dress up as whatever you want for an entire night and take on a personality that is different from your own.”

Plans for Halloween: “My suitemates and I plan to have a costume party in my suite; not sure what will happen after that, but there will be lots of dancing because I love to dance.”

Favorite costume from Halloween past: “Last year I was Katniss Everdeen from ‘The Hunger Games’ because I love those movies and those books. I had her ‘woods’ costume and a bow and arrow from the Dollar Store. I felt like a BAMF all night.”

Favorite Fashion Era: “I don’t think I’m a very fashionable person, but I love the extravagance of the ‘20s. I also think the ‘50s were really cute in their conservative dress. Two kind of polar opposite eras.”

Number one Halloween tip: “Make good choices, of course. Be safe and have fun. And don’t do anything Megan Harrison wouldn’t do.”

No matter what you choose to be this Halloween, remember to have fun. Choose a costume that lets you express yourself that you will enjoy wearing. And remember, don’t do anything Harrison wouldn’t do, and according to her that’s a lot.

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