DIY Halloween Costumes

By Kay Bush
Elm Staff Writer

Get excited Halloween is so close you can feel it. But wait a minute. Do you have a costume? Are you stuck in a creativity slump? Well you’re not the only one. Celebrating Halloween in college can seem daunting. Group costumes are fun, but when you’re celebrating for an entire weekend they only work for one night. So what to do for the other two or three nights? It’s too expensive to buy a full-fledged costume from Party City and it’s too late in the game to craft anything intricate. Ladies and gents don’t fret. Everyday clothes and maybe a trip to the Dollar Store can fulfill your holiday needs.

Costumes for girls and guys are usually distinguishable, but why not mix it up this year? Ladies, dress up as your favorite male actor or athlete, but put a cute spin on it. For example, if you wanted to be a football player and have a jersey just pair it with a pair of spandex shorts or a fun tutu. Some eye black would complete the costume. Being your favorite TV or movie character is always fun. Some of the biggest trending TV shows today are “Orange is the New Black,” “House of Cards,” “American Horror Story,” and “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” All of these shows have characters that can be used for Halloween, especially since most of them wear everyday clothes. One or two accessories would be needed in addition to the clothing to accomplish your message, but they’d be easy and cool. If you wanted to be Moira O’Hara, you would need a black dress, a white waist apron, and a red wig if you don’t already have red hair. A bit of daring red lipstick wouldn’t hurt either.

Guys tend to lean towards comical or movie themed costumes which are fun for everyone. The best humorous costumes are either original or easily recognizable as a hilarious character. Being a tourist is a safe bet since all it requires is a fanny pack, shorts, a disposable camera, and a Hawaiian shirt. Another eye-catching costume would be a lumberjack. Everyone owns at least one flannel. If you don’t it can’t hurt to borrow one from a friend. Get on some boots and a beanie and you’re good to go.

One of our very own Washington College students, juior Matthew Davies, has been coming up with some witty DIY costume ideas and posting them on Facebook. Some of his best ideas were:

“Halloween Costume Idea #11: Wear a lifeguard swimsuit. Bring binoculars, and a sign that says ‘SINGLE’. You’re now ‘Baewatch’”

“Halloween costume idea: Carry a flashlight. Wear workout clothes. You are now Jim Beam.”

“Halloween Costume Idea #3: Put a white sheet over you. Write the word ‘PROBIOTICS’ on it. You’ve just become ‘Paranormal Activia’”

When asked about how he comes up with these ideas, Davies said, “I just see something and the synapses in my brain combine it with either a science pun or something unrelated. It’s not conscious I’m just always in ‘pun mode’.”

Halloween is fun in college, but paying a fortune for costumes isn’t exactly economical for the average student. This is why DIY costumes are great alternatives. Besides, it’s so much fun to come up with wacky ideas with your friends and just planning for each night of Halloween.



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