Healthy Halloween

By Anja Trenkwalder
Elm Staff Writer

A moment on the lips is forever on the hips. It won’t be with these simple but smart tricks. Halloween candy can be so tempting but may cause unpleasant surprises on the scale after the celebrations are over. It doesn’t have to be that way, follow these seven key rules and those Halloween pounds will stay clear away from you.

1.) Moderation is key. Sweets are an essential part of Halloween, and the good news is you don’t need to deprive yourself of anything. Cancelling candy off your menu entirely may only make those cravings stronger and besides, where is the fun? Having candy does not necessarily lead straight to piling on pounds. If you don’t want to have your candy go straight to the hips then don’t over-indulge but “treat” your Halloween candy as what it is – a special “treat” that is to be enjoyed in small quantities. Rule of thumb is to never exceed one small handful (about three or four pieces) of fun-sized candy per day.

2.) Fill up before the feast. Never open a bag of candy on an empty stomach or snack on sweets while you are actually hungry. Portion control becomes a much easier task after you have had a large, balanced meal before your treats. Aim to stack your plate with plenty of veggies, lean protein like chicken breast and complex carbs like potatoes, whole grain bread, pasta, or brown rice. When your stomach is full, your body won’t aim to satisfy hunger with candy and your candy cravings will be satisfied after just a few bites.

3.) Burn it off. Maintaining your figure is all about balance. The amount of calories you take in should be equal to the amount of calories you burn throughout the day. If you increase your calorie intake by digging in on candy, simply increase physical activity. Hit the elliptical for about 10 minutes, and you will burn off that fun-sized Snickers bar (80 cal).

Make up for all of the tasty treats you eat on Halloween by working off the calories.
Make up for all of the tasty treats you eat on Halloween by working off the calories.

4.) Make up for it. Adding several pieces of candy on top of burgers and fries puts you on the fast track towards weight gain. If you know you are going to have a huge candy treat coming up, plan for the remaining meals of the day to be extra healthy. Have a huge bowl of fruit with fat free yogurt and granola for breakfast and pick up a healthy mixed salad for lunch. Then you can permit yourself a well-deserved treat later on.

5.) Sharing means caring. You have a huge bag of candy all for yourself? Why don’t you offer a few to your friends? Splitting treats with others reduces portion sizes and thus the amount of calories you will actually end up eating. The same trick works when it comes to those Pumpkin Spiced lattes and caramel apples as well. Share one 50/50 with your friend or significant other, and split your calorie intake in half.

6.) Out of sight, out of mind. Don’t have bags of Halloween candy lying around in your dorm room. You are much more likely to feel those candy cravings when you have your sweets right in front of your eyes. Store them in a place where you cannot directly see them and where they are difficult to reach, like on top of your closet. You may end up finding that climbing up to your closet to get your candy isn’t worth the challenge.

7.) Forgive your splurges and move on. Don’t punish yourself for your over-indulgences by doing extra-rough workouts or skipping meals after having a candy-binge. That may actually do damage to your metabolism and lead to new cravings. Remember that is it okay to splurge from time to time. Leave the past behind and don’t feel guilty.

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