Homecoming Fashions For Men: Advice to Take Your Homecoming Looks From Typical To Fantastic

By Matt Ridge
Elm Staff Writer

As most of you probably know, Homecoming 2014 is Saturday, Oct. 18. For ladies, this typically means finding a dress, finding shoes to match, choosing a hairstyle, planning your make-up, and accessorizing with necklaces, earrings, bracelets, headbands, rings, etc. In most cases it means, at least, a few days of planning.

When it comes to guys dressing up for Homecoming, typically it involves pulling out your sports jacket you’ve probably had since high school and picking out what tie you want to wear with your white oxford button-up shirt and khakis. This involves little to no planning and can probably be done an hour before the dance starts. My proposal this year, gentlemen, is to be more adventurous with your homecoming outfits. I’m here to give you just a few pointers to help make your outfit less typical.

Before I even get to what fun things you can wear, let’s take a minute to focus on your hair. All I have to say is: Do it. It’s not hard. Take a shower, wash your hair so that it looks relatively nice, and maybe even try a little bit of product to make it look nicer than it does every other day of the week.

Without going too in-depth about hair styling tips (which I’m sure will be an article sometime in the future), I will say that a little bit of hair-paste/gel goes a long way. Axe actually makes a really great line of hair-paste with different kinds for different hairstyles. Whether you want your hair to look messy, spiky, or sleek and suave, Axe hair-paste can help you get the job done. You can find these products at both Walgreen’s and Rite Aid. The ladies put a lot of time and effort in to doing their hair and making it look good for occasions such as Homecoming, so us guys should really feel an obligation to better our hair, if nothing else.

Ties are a pretty standard choice for dances and special events. Bowties have also become popularized. While I am a fan of both, allow me to make a suggestion. Homecoming is a pretty unique event in the fact that it’s a dance, but isn’t formal in the way that a dance like Birthday Ball is. This allows freedom to experiment with different ways of dressing up. So this year instead of wearing a solid colored shirt with a tie mix it up with a printed shirt and buttoning it up all the way to the collar. For example if you’re wearing, say, a floral shirt buttoned all the way up with no tie, this puts all the attention on your shirt thus allowing you to make a bolder statement than you could with a tie.

Or if you’re partial to the tie (no judgment if you are), then try pairing a solid colored tie with a printed or even pinstriped shirt. Even if there’s not much thought behind it it will give off the illusion that you tried harder than just throwing on a suit jacket and pretending to be fancy. Also, don’t be afraid to try pants of a different color. We all know khaki and black look professional, but if you wear a white shirt try pairing with a fun colored pant. To bring up an idea from a previous article, black shirts and maroon pants look extremely good together. Hint hint.

As always, here is my disclaimer: your style is your style. No matter what you decide to wear to the dance, even if it goes against everything I have said, feel confident in it. Dances are all about having fun so if the focus of your night is more so on that than how you look, then by all means have a blast looking however you want. That’s what really matters. Have a wonderful time at Homecoming. Be safe.

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