Dear Editor,

As an alumnus of WC, I read with interest the article about the chalkboards in William Smith Hall.  I am surprised that there are still chalkboards on campus.  I would hope that as long as it is practical to keep them, for historical continuity that they are kept.  If either the condition of the boards mandate change, or chalk and erasers become difficult to acquire, then it might become necessary to replace with whiteboards.  Until then, I hope that the principle classroom building from a previous era may continue to have this remnant of the past.


Gary K. Atkinson

Class of 1983

The Elm

One thought on “Letter to the Editor, a response to “Smith Hall Chalkboards Up for Discussion”

  1. Litrenta in Toll still uses chalkboards too, and I think there’re a few rooms in Daly that still have them as well.

    By J Oct 22,2014 @ 4:43 pm

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In case you have missed it

In case you have missed it