SGA Corner Oct. 21


By Elijah McGuire-Berk

Elm Staff Writer

Things Discussed: 

The Film Club wanted to be recognized as a special interest group. The motion did not pass.

The Academics Committee discussed how to fund honor societies.


Amendments to the Constitution:

– The amendments would streamline the process in which a special interest group becomes a club and vice versa.

– They will also allow special interest groups to be terminated if they aren’t going anywhere.

– Will provide club founders and heads with seven weeks after semester starts to finish filling out any necessary paperwork for their club’s existence.

The amendments were passed. The amendments were then amended again for grammar.


Guest Speakers:

Director of Public Safety Jerry Roderick, Chestertown Police Chief Adrian Baker, and Kent County Liquor and Tobacco Investigator Robert Edler all spoke.  Off-campus students were invited to discuss how off campus alcohol policy affects their everyday lives.

A primary complaint from the off-campus students was town residents’ perception of off-campus tenants as a result of behavior from off-campus as well as on-campus students.

Chief Adrian Baker talked about how loud college parties that annoy residents are nothing new.  He cited a town ordinance enacted in 1983 that described an increase in regulation as a result of more noise complaints. The ordinance mandates an officer to investigate noise if a citizen calls in about it.

Robert Edler said, “In the last 27 years, I’ve had my share of alcohol related incidents in the community, not just for college kids, but the general public.”  He also said it “is not central around Chestertown.”  He does not focus specifically on college students but rather on the county as a whole.

Multiple off-campus students asked questions about past experiences with police and how the officers are supposed to handle situations they observe.

Other questions and answers covered topics such as probable cause for search of a bookbag or car, what defines a violation of a noise ordinance, and how to distinguish the various citations that can be issued and these how fines are issued.


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