SGA Corner Sept. 23

By Elijah McGuire-Berk
Elm Staff Writer

Committee reports:

Student Services and Campus Properties Committee:

The members are trying to make a smart phone application that will inform users of events happening on campus.  They are searching for help from people with knowledge about app creation.

Academics Committee:

Assistant Professor of Drama Brendon Fox gave a brief speech about increasing interest and participation in plays at Washington College.  With Dr. Fox was senior Nick O’Malley,  who said, “We don’t care what major you’re in; we want you to come join us.”  He also pointed out that seats for many plays with no admission charge can be reserved ahead of time online at

SGA heard from Social Life Committee, Diversity Committee, Service Committee, Environmental Committee, Publicity and Advertising Committee, Budget Committee, Elections and Constitutional Review Committee, Honor Board Chair, and Organizations Committee.

Motions passed:

Budget Committee:

The Washington Interactive Gaming Society Club was allocated $200 to host a Magic the Gathering tournament this October.  The event will have an entry fee of $5.

The Student Environmental Alliance was allocated $230 to cover the costs of sending eight of its members to New York for the People’s Climate March.

Senatorial Open Forum:

Kent constituents complained that students were not abiding by the policy requiring people to smoke 25 feet away from campus buildings. Suggestions proposed:

a. Putting smoking poles 25 feet away from buildings

b. Having designated smoking areas

c. Moving benches and ashtrays farther from buildings

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