SGA Corner Sept. 30 and Oct. 7

By Elijah McGuire-Berk
Elm Staff Writer

Sept. 30


-The Wilderness Adventure Club was allocated $118 to cover expenses from their camping trip.

– An amendment to the SGA Constitution has been proposed that will allow electric ballots to be officially mentioned in the constitution along with paper ballots.  It will have to be passed in the next meeting with a three-fifths majority in order for it to be ratified.



-While there have been no direct motions about the 25-foot rule and smoking, it is implied that markers will be placed to signify a distance of 25-feet from a building.

– Health and Wellness Constituent Lauren Gibson and Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Multicultural Affairs Darnell Parker spoke.

Gibson wants to work with students to deal with alcohol and drug abuse as well as sexual assault. She wants to make sure that students are aware of what counts as consent and how to give and refuse it. If anyone has any questions or wants to speak with her personally, her office is on the second floor of the Casey Academic Center. She said, “If you or a friend need help, please come to me. I’m definitely here for you guys.”

Parker has concerns about sexual assault and harassment. Regarding the student handbook, he said, “I created this to make things a lot more simple and understanding.” He also pointed out that the official rules for incidents that constitute Title IX sexual assault can be found online. He said that privacy will not be violated when investigations are conducted. “We will never force a victim to participate,” said Parker. “We do not automatically assume the respondent or alleged person is guilty.” This is why they use the term “respondent” and not “accused.”


Oct. 7 


-The SGA constitution was altered to explicitly state that electronic votes can be counted towards the election of officials. Specifically, Article 3, Section 2, Subsection F1 of the Bylaws

-The Chinese Student Association (CSA) was officially recognized as a club.

-$849 was allocated to the Best Buddies Club for transportation to the Ravens game.

-$510 was allocated to the Rotaract club for Polio Awareness Events.

Freshman Jacob Marberger said the events would include, “Posters and also finger stamping events that relates to when people receive a polio vaccine… They will have a speaker, a polio survivor, come and speak.”  About the money itself, he said,  “A bulk of it will go to event T-Shirts.”



-Kappa Sigma is the club of the week.

-Discussions about the washers and dryers.

Size vs. Cost,

Whether they are environmentally friendly,

If owning them would be more or less costly than renting them,

It may be possible to swap them out in phases instead of all at once.

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