The First Food Truck Rolls into Chestertown

By Jack Despeaux
Elm Staff Writer

If your stomach is rumbling and you like tacos, burritos, push-ups, renovated ice-cream trucks, and glowing donkeys, then Chestertown may have just satisfied your bizarre tastes and hunger in one decision to approve of a food truck. The Black Burro has found refuge in Chestertown. Feeding residents and students lunch on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, they have had a consistent flow of customers since opening for business one month ago.

The Black Burro migrates around town in a neon-teal truck with red stripes and a black-donkey-sporting menu. Ashley Herr, the truck’s manager, can be seen making food through the window to the kitchen.

Herr said that she and her husband noticed one day that there were no food trucks in Chestertown, and they thought that that needed to change. Thus, the idea of the Black Burro was created.

The Black Burro

“It wasn’t easy,” Herr said. “We had to go through like a million town meetings.” The town didn’t have much interest in seeing food trucks driving around. She said that after finally getting approval, she and her husband began constructing the food truck in May 2014. Originally an old ice-cream truck, everything on and in the Black Burro is completely refurbished and “home-made” by Herr and her husband.

Tacos are $3, and burritos are $7. Drinks are $1, and they also sell tamales and tostadas. You can add chicken, beef, chile releño, and Thai chicken to your meal as well.

Every Friday, anyone who can do 50 push-ups at the truck can receive a free taco, “Unless it’s raining,” Herr said.

The Black Burro is parked on Cannon Street, and between Cross Street and Queen Street some evenings, Herr said. The truck will be parked next to the Napa Auto Parts in Chestertown every Friday in October from 10 p.m. until midnight.

To check out the Black Burro, like their page on Facebook and visit them in town.

The truck itself is not hard to find. There aren’t very many donkeys in Chestertown, let alone one like this.

It stands out during the day with its with its bright neon color, but at night it may be a little harder to find, which is why Herr said, “Just look for the glowing donkey.”

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