Updates on the Hong Kong Protests


By Emma Buchman

Opinion Editor


The pro-democracy protests taking place in Hong Kong are an extraordinary occurence in our lifetime. While we wish that the need for such protests was unnecessary, we are lucky to have the unqiue opportunity to examine these protests through our own eyes instead of through a book or journal article on JSTOR. Therfore, until the protests reach a conclusion, there will be a weekly update on their progress; a least to get some news into the student body.


As of Oct. 27


The scheduled talks between protest and government representatives came to no progressive conclusions. The anti-occupy movement in Hong Kong is growing more restless, simply wanting the protests to end so that daily life may continue. In fact, there has been growing support from Hong Kong citizens for the police attempting to reign in the protestors.

An electronic referendum was scheduled to be held by protest leaders this past weekend to determine what direction the protest movement should take. However, this plan was not carried through as the different subgroups within the protest movement had too many differing opinions.

One of the main problems that appears to be challenging the protestors is the prescence of so many different, smaller groups within the overall movement. This causesd the cancellation of the referendum, and could pose more complications in the future.

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