Very Vegan: A Tasty Recipe for Vegan Grilled Cheese

By Kylie Hargrave
Elm Staff Writer

To go along with my article from last week, I’d like to share one more recipe. Seeing as most of my kitchen experiments have been a flop, I feel compelled to share this culinary success. What you’ll need to make it is bread, ketchup, medium tofu, Daiya cheddar style strips, vegan butter, olive oil, curry powder, and red pepper powder.

First, mix the pepper and curry powder with the ketchup in a bowl and set it in the fridge for later if you like to dip your grilled cheese like I do. Next cut a thin slice of tofu and remove the extra moisture with some paper towels. Coat the strip thickly in olive oil and powder both sides with curry and chili powder to taste. Cook the tofu strip for about five minutes on low heat until it softens and is hot to the touch. While it cooks butter two slices of bread and add the Daiya cheese to one side. Take the tofu off the stove and add it on the pile of cheese. The last step is to cook it like you would a regular grilled cheese in about a teaspoon of olive oil. Cook it until the cheese and butter has melted and the bread is golden and crispy. Finally, grab that ketchup from the fridge and dunk your masterpiece into it and enjoy the spicy, cheesy, curry goodness.

As a side note, I know lot of people are weirded out by tofu, and I understand why. It can be very lifeless, dull, and strangely textured, but that’s only because some people don’t realize how good tofu really can be when cooked in the right way. Tofu is designed to soak up the surrounding flavors, and so in this recipe it merely holds onto the curry and pepper flavor. And by cooking it slightly in olive oil it will soften and mimic the texture of the cheese. I may be biased, since I do eat more tofu than the average person, but I don’t even notice the regular tofu texture or flavor when I eat this, just cheesy goodness. In fact, I tried this recipe without the tofu and it simply wasn’t the same or nearly as filling.

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