Hero of the Week

By Aakriti Gupta
Elm Staff Writer

“I can promise you, if you work 12 hours, I will work for 13. If you work 14 hours, I will work for 15 hours. Why? Because I am not a prime minister but a prime servant of India.” These were the words of the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has been seen working intensively to reduce poverty in India, increase cleanliness, and strengthen diplomatic relationships and business with other countries. His most recent campaign, which he started on Oct. 2, cost $10 billion with the vision of a “clean India.” The program is called “Swacch Bharat Abhinaya.”

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi sweeping a street in Dehli.
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi sweeping a street in Dehli.

The movement started with the one who introduced it. Pictures of Modi himself holding a broom and sweeping parts of Delhi, the capital city of India, were circulated in the India newspapers and splashed all over the Internet. His aim is to wipe the streets of India of dirt and beginning an era of “broomance.”
There are several obstacles that must be overcome in order for Modi to achieve all of his goals. First, are the squatters and defecators who still have not grasped the concepts of bathrooms, or even if they have, they chose to make the streets their bathrooms. Then there are the literati, the group which likes the streets more than the trash cans. Sometimes these practices come about not because of choice, but it is the fact that India is still a developing country that lacks certain elements of a civic education.
Taking up a project that almost seems impossible requires a master plan and courage which Modi seems to have. No other prime minister in recent times has attempted a similar cleanliness approach with such determination and longevity. Modi fits the position of hero perfectly and his jurisdiction ensures that there are good days in store for India.

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