I’m Just Gonna Shake It Off

By Rosie Alger

Elm Staff Writer

Each season is distinctly different from the last and brings about a variety of emotions. The Washington College dance minors and professors encapsulated this idea in their fall dance con- cert, “The Four Seasons of Dance” on Oct. 30 and Nov. 1 at 7:30 p.m.

The show featured dancers with a variety of skill and experience levels from first time performers to experienced soloists. Senior Paula Mykytyn enjoyed seeing enthusiasm from the new dancers. “I like that the dancers in academic classes who usually don’t have the chance to perform have that opportunity,” she said. “I always like seeing Ballet 1. They’re all so excited to be on stage, some of them for the first time.”

The concert incorporated choreog- raphy from students and faculty alike. One differentiating aspect about the fall concert is that the students in the dance minor, not the dance club, pro- duce it. Junior Trish Langely who cho- reographed the dances for the winter season said, “What most of the student body is not familiar with is the distinction between dance club and the dance department or dance minor.”

According to Langely, the show is a big first step in distinguishing the academic program from the club. She said, “We…are most excited to finally have our own show, making a distinction be- tween the dance minor and the dance club. We are excited to finally show what we have developed mentally and physically in our academic dance classes.”

The creative process for this con- cert started in the spring and countless hours have been put into the production. Junior Nikki Morgan said, “We did everything for the show including creating a proposal last semester to present and get the show approved, picking the four seasons them10700227_648012555316645_1292395128878131952_oe, picking music to go along with each season, deciding on lighting, costumes, dance styles, and choreographing the pieces as well as dancing in them.”

Morgan was the choreographer in charge of the summer piece. After months of hard work, she expressed her enthusiasm before the show on Oct. 30. “We are all extremely excited to perform and show all our hard work from the past year,” she said.

The first half of the show featured two solo performances by Sophomores Brooke Burghardt and Dazhane Merrit choreographed by Lecturers in Dance Asa Trinh-Smith and Paula Lynn Klopic. After intermission came the collection of pieces about the four seasons.

Smith said, “The entire process has been a mixture of emotions- from being stressed to liberating. I have never been so excited to be part of something.”

One unique aspect of the show was in welcoming WC’s first male dancer in a concert, freshman Vishnu Rajes. “We haven’t had any male dancers participate in the dance concerts. This is the first time and it is very exciting,” said Smith. Lots of applause filled Decker Theatre as Rajes stepped on stage.

Audience members could see all the long hours spent in making this show happen. Sophomore Emily Boyle thought the performance was great. “They put a lot of hard work into it, and it turned out really well,” she said.

The show has set a precedent for new traditions in the dance department, and many hope to continue it as an annual event. For now, dancers return to their classes and continue to prepare for the regular spring recital that the Dance Club preforms in every year.

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