It’s Sweater Weather

By Matt Ridge

Elm Staff Writer


Winter is the height of fashion for both men and women. The multiple layers mean more opportunities to wear stylish clothing. In the summer you get a shirt and shorts and shoes. If you don’t count accessories, this only gives a person three chances to show off their style. In the winter you get five chances to flaunt your fashion. Starting from the base layer going all the way out to accessories, you want to not only make sure you stay warm this time of year, but you also want to make sure you look good. Both men and women tend to forget fashion this time of year since it is incredibly easy to get lost in sweatshirts, sweatpants, and, for the ladies, Uggs. However, when faced against women in the winter style, the men drastically lose the battle. I’m here to help dissect each layer and give one or two tips for each to help you be fashionable this winter.

Around this time of year the base layer (i.e. your shirt) is most likely going to be covered up by other articles of clothing. Choosing a simple, one colored tee is the easiest way to start your winter outfit. White, of course, is the easiest to work with because it matches everything, but don’t be afraid to pair other colors together. If you’re layering with a black/darker-colored piece of clothing, try pairing it with a light blue or soft red tee as your base. Gray is also a good choice for most everything.

Warm up this winter with a fashionable sweater.
Warm up this winter with a fashionable sweater.

A popular choice for sweaters or cardigans, especially now that we are approaching the holidays, is prints. Everyone loves a good ugly, over-sized Christmas sweater, but save those for the holidays. This means that if it’s before Thanksgiving, then we really shouldn’t be seeing Christmas trees and reindeer on your sweaters. An easy fix for the ugly sweater is a tribal/western/Aztec printed sweater or cardigan. This style has many names and many different interpretations, but any article of clothing that includes bold, geometric shapes covering it is usually a good choice. It’s an extremely fashionable choice and typically not hard to find. Coats are a tricky addition to your wardrobe. My advice is to not worry too much on whether or not your coat matches your outfit because you are wearing it with the intentions of eventually taking it off. If it does match, great, but don’t stress yourself out about it. Pea coats are always a fashionable choice, but the belted trench is also making a comeback. I for one will not be missing out on that fad.

My favorite part of winter fashion is a scarf. Scarves are easy and practical; they keep you warm and are also probably the easiest way to, if nothing else, fake having style. Solid colored scarves are fine, but printed scarves are even better. If you are looking into an infinity scarf I recommend a solid black one since it goes with every outfit imaginable and looks good on everyone. Winter hats are also a fun way of covering up your hair if you didn’t feel like showering that day. Not that I’m speaking from experience…

I give you these tips but must, as always, include a disclaimer: your style is your style. I’m here to let you know what is in and what isn’t. No matter what you wear, even if it goes against everything I have said, feel confident in it. If you’re uncomfortable in what you’re wearing, odds are people will be able to tell. Love what you wear and bring along an attitude that shows you’re proud of your look. That’s what really matters.

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