SGA Corner Nov. 11

Old Business: 


The bylaws to the constitution discussed in last week’s meeting were shelved until further notice as the Constitutional Review Committee needs more time to discuss the language used in it.


New Business: 


$120 was allocated to the Maryland Student Legislature for their trip to the Maryland Student Legislature Conference.


$370 was allocated to the Rotaract Club to hold a gingerbread house-making event in the future.


$1,000 was allocated to the Trap and Skeet Club to cover the costs from a competition they participated in.


Senatorial Open Forum:


Vice President of Finances and Administration Mark Hampton delivered a speech addressing the tuition increases. He said, “Tuition and fees isn’t a dart board where we decide tuition increases at random. There’s actually a very, very solid bit of accounting going on.” He also cited the increasing costs of “healthcare, cost of energy, food and housing,” as part of the prime reason for healthcare increases. He and Dr. Xavier Cole are setting up “a $15 million dollar project to work through issues in the residence halls, buildings like this, the Casey Academic Center, and the Athletic Center.” He also said that students are welcome to speak with financial aid counselors to help finance their education.


Non Senatorial Open Forum:


Senior Oren Steinberg gave a speech regarding transparency and accountability within the SGA. For more see “Student Government Sit-In Protest” in this issue.


There was a discussion about the on campus smoking policy. The idea of a tobacco free campus was rejected, but it was agreed that the smokers themselves have the responsibility of following the 25-foot rule and not smoking indoors or other no-smoking areas.  Since this was said in NSOF, no official changes to rules currently in place have been made.

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