The Lemon Leaf Cafe

By Anja Trenkwalder
Elm Staff Writer

If you are planning to take your parents out on visiting day, organizing a nice dinner with friends, or want to treat your date to a romantic night out, the Lemon Leaf Café is the place to go.
Located on 117 S. Cross St. (close to Dunkin Donuts; right next to JR’s), this insider spot is just a 10 minute walk away from campus. If you prefer driving you will get there within two minutes.
Serving a wide variety of dishes like it’s famous, award-winning Maryland Crab Soup, garden-fresh salads, sizzling burgers and steaks, light sandwiches, this restaurant has plenty of suitable choices for even the pickiest eater.
You will be impressed right upon entering by the tasteful interior and relaxed atmosphere. The staff is very friendly and tries hard to create a nice dining experience; however, they occasionally forget to bring the complimentary breadbasket. Don’t hesitate to kindly remind your server. The bread is excellent and is definitely something you don’t want to miss out on.

Go to The Lemon Leaf Cafe to try out their Cream of Crab Soup.
Go to The Lemon Leaf Cafe to try out their Cream of Crab Soup.

A very special treat is their award-winning cream of crab soup, which is available in two different sizes and is a must-try dish for every seafood lover. This rich and creamy specialty is very filling and if you are planning to enjoy a large entrée it may be smart to stick with the smaller cup rather than the bowl.
The Lemon Leaf Cafe offers some excellent treats in their appetizer section. Most are fit for sharing. The nachos and sweet potato fries are an especially wonderful choice for a meal with a bunch of friends.
I am a huge fan of the malibu salad, which comes with craisins, glazed walnuts, and crumbled blue cheese. I also love the black angus roast beef. During my most recent visit at the Lemon Leaf Cafe, I had the black angus burger, which was excellent and a true bargain for only $11. It arrived with all the toppings and an enormous side of fries cooked to perfection.
The servings are very generous, so don’t hesitate to ask for a to-go box. When going out with your partner, it may be a good idea to consider ordering your own entrée and share an appetizer or dessert with your date.
With most appetizers priced below $10 and most entrees between $10 and $15 during lunch-hours, this dazzling neighborhood gem is suitable for anyone who wants maximal value for minimal price.  Prices and amount of selections increase a little for dinner, but you will still be able to put together a full meal for below $30. All desserts (try the peach cobbler or flourless chocolate cake) are available for $6.50. I guarantee you, this is money well spent.
Though the Lemon Leaf is usually quiet during the day, this restaurant may get quite busy in the evenings, especially around weekends. Following the better safe than sorry principle, I recommend that if you plan to go on a Friday or Saturday evening, you should call in to make a reservation. The number is (443)-282-0004.
The Lemon Leaf opens at 7:30 a.m. for breakfast until 11am (3p.m. on Sundays). Lunch fare is served until 4p.m., and after that, they will proudly present their excellent dinner menu.

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