Updates from Hong Kong

By Emma Buchman
Opinion Editor

As of Nov. 2:

Hong Kong protests are entering their sixth week and the tension between the protest movement and the Hong Kong government continue to cause a stalemate.
The protestors proposed that a member of each of Hong Kong’s five legislative districts resign and hold a referendum vote in order to gage the people’s view on a democratic government in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Chief Secretary Carrie Lam said that there were absolutely no plans to hold a referendum vote. The government has also rejected the demand of protestors to have Hong Kong’s next leader democratically elected.
In response to Lam’s statement, Benny Tai, co-founder of the Occupy Central movement, asked for the government to give protestors a realistic goal to request.
Meanwhile, Hong Kong police are being put under strain by trying to be keepers of the peace, enforcers of the law, and protectors of the people at the same time.  They face criticism from both the protestors and anti-protest groups.
On Tuesday, Oct. 28, the protestors gathered together and stood for 87 seconds to commemorate one month after Hong Kong police used tear gas on protestors.

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