Going Greek: Rush and Recruitment Advice

By Rosie Alger
Elm Staff Writer
As the second semester at Washington College starts up Greek life becomes an important topic of conversation. Official rush week and recruitment will be held Feb. 1-7. Events to get to know the fraternities and sororities are right around the corner, and students are buzzing about how to prepare.
With three sororities and four fraternities on campus, it can be difficult to figure out which would be the best fit for an individual. Sophomore Audrey Utchen of Alpha Chi Omega said, “Try to go into the week as open-minded as possible. A chapter you thought you wanted to be a part of might
not impress you as much as another one, as in my case.”
Family legacy plays a role in some people’s decisions when it comes to joining a sorority or fraternity. Freshman Amy Rohn said, “I’m most interested in ZTA mainly because my mom is a Zeta, and I’ve met a lot of the sisters. Everyone is so friendly. I’m looking for a sense of community and friendship in a sorority.”
Rush Week might seem intimidating, but veterans emphasize the importance of relaxing, having fun, and being yourself. Junior Drew Beardmore of Kappa Sigma said, “My advice to any interested people is just to relax and check [Greek Life] out during informal rush and meet the brothers. Don’t try to impress us, you know? Just be yourself and get a feel for each of the fraternities. They’re all great, and you can certainly find the right fit for yourself. Leave your preconceptions of what a fraternal organization can be at the door. The fraternities at WC are made up of leaders, artists, politicians, chemists, athletes, and achievers no matter which you visit.” Beardmore also encourages students who have not previously thought of rushing to consider giving Greek life a chance. “Within Kappa Sigma, if you ask around, you won’t find a brother who came to college thinking about joining a fraternity” he said. “It was the same for me and likely any dude who reads this too. Fraternities are more than a stereotype. It’s an opportunity to be [a part of something] bigger than just yourself. [It’s a] way to give back to the community in a greater way than would be possible alone.”
If you are worried about how to dress for Rush Week, Utchen provided some basic advice on what to wear. “Wear something comfortable, but appropriate looking. Just use good taste. You’ll be taking lots of pictures with your friends, so look presentable,” she said.
Sororities and fraternities contribute to many service projects, fundraisers, and social events on WC’s campus. If you are thinking about rushing, consider what events each organization hosts, and do not be afraid to ask the brothers and sisters about the events that excite them most. Information on all the chapters on campus can be found on their pages on the WC website. Beardmore summed it up perfectly. “It’s impossible to describe the feeling. You wouldn’t know it until you’re a part of it,” he said.

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