Here We Go Again: DeflateGate

By Hailli Woo

Lifestyle Editor


The AFC Championship game was a disappointing one to all Indianapolis Colts fans.  The 38-point win secured the 6th trip to the Super Bowl for the New England Patriots.  It was clear that they had this one in the bag from the beginning.  The celebration was a joyful one- until the next day rolled around.

The morning of Monday, Jan. 19, a statement was released that an investigation would be conducted to see if the balls used in the first half by the Patriots were of regulation inflation. The next day, it was confirmed that the team had used under-inflated balls. This incident has been entitled “DeflateGate.” This is the fourth time that the New England Patriots have been caught cheating, and of those. three of the scandals have ocurred under the leadership of Head Coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady.

It is seriously time to stop supporting this team.  Sure they have been to five Super Bowls, yes they have won three of those, but they have been cheating to get to those championships since 1982.  Are you actually winning if you cheat to get to the championship games?  What do you do with a team like this?  I am tired of turning on the TV and hearing about scandal after scandal.  The last place I want to hear scandals occurring are in my favorite sport.  The most irritating part of these scandals- it’s the same team over and over again.

The NFL has barely spoken about this scandal, and has not said much about a punishment.  It is obvious to say that deflated balls would not have affected a 38-point game. That is true.  Some say that the deflated balls would have gone unnoticed if there had been no interception by the Colts. That may also be true. However, it was investigated, and proven true. So what is going to happen?

After the scandals that the NFL has faced this season you would think they would set severe consequences and act like they care about this situation. This is the fourth time this team has done something related to cheating and there needs to be serious consequences. There also needs to be closer attention paid to the rest of the league from this point forward.

Like the Ray Rice situation, I believe that the only way to calm down these situations is to instill strict consequences.  There have been rumors of taking away draft picks and giving fines. Yes, this is a minor scandal compared to Spy-Gate, where the Patriots were caught illegally filming the Jets during practice in 2007. The DeflateGate scandal might have been blown out of the water considering the situation, but it is easy to understand why fans and officials of other teams are highly upset with this.  It seems to be an on-going issue with this team and they could have easily cheated other teams out of their opportunity to reach championship games.


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