Hodson Trust Endowment

By Molly Igoe

Elm Staff Writer

Last month, the Hodson Trust Fund gave Washington College 2.75 million dollars to fund scholarships, internships, undergraduate research, and an endowment for the faculty chair.

The Hodson Trust Fund has given WC over 70 million dollars spanning the course of eight decades. As a result of these generous contributions, the College has been able to continue awarding merit scholarships and stipends for internship opportunities.

The largest sum of money, 1.25 million dollars, will be reserved for the Hodson Trust Merit Scholarship Endowment according to the Washington College News Service. This endowment awards students for academic achievement, character, and citizenship.

$900,000 will go towards the Hodson Trust Undergraduate Research Scholars Fund, which supports student and faculty research in the arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. This research fund emphasizes the study of Chestertown, the Eastern Shore, and the Chesapeake Region.

$400,000 will be for the Hodson Trust Internship Endowment, which helps students pay for transportation or any other expenses involved with an internship. The goal of this endowment is for all students at WC to be able to find a successful internship, regardless of financial restraints. The remaining $200,000 will be given to the current Hodson Trust Chair of Economics Lisa Daniels.

The family of Colonel Clarence Hodson established the fund after his death in 1920 to benefit other private colleges in Maryland similar to WC, like Hood College, St. John’s College, and John’s Hopkins University.

The Hodson Trust Fund has been a reliable partner for the College, and with this endowment, students can continue to be rewarded for their hard work.

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