JFC Welcomes Back Students

By Elijah McGuire-Berk

Elm Staff Writer


It’s a brand new year, and that means New Year’s resolutions will have plenty of people heading to the gym to get in shape. Washington College has multiple opportunities for anyone, student or otherwise, to get started with their fitness goals.  The Johnson Fitness Center (JFC) is a good place to start.

A student employee at the Johnson Fitness Center, senior James Stankewicz, had some comments for people who are just starting out. “There’s more than one right way to do anything; there’s not necessarily ‘the truth’ of weightlifting or one way to get in shape.”  He felt that the environment in the JFC is very friendly.  “I’ve never been afraid to go up to someone and just be like, ‘Hey man, I see that workout’s pretty cool. Could you show me how to do that?’”

He also said that the center has “plenty of fitness classes and instructors… At the front desk, we normally have a stack of paper with all the fitness classes. It’s also available on the school’s athletic page on the website.”

Tyler Cotterell, assistant director of the Johnson Fitness Center and campus recreation and the assistant sports performance coach, had some facts to share as well.  He said, “Our gym is conducive for a large number of patrons so we welcome anyone and everyone at any time.”  He pointed out that the gym contains lots of open space and equipment for people to use.  For anyone who wants to get started, Cotterell said, “Come on over to the fitness center and feel free to grab one of us sports performance coaches or JFC staff members and ask questions about exercises.”

His most important advice for anyone wanting to get started on his or her goals was, “Be realistic and consistent.  The person that goes to the gym three days a week for a full year will see incredible results, as opposed to the individual who goes to the gym six times a week for only one month. Your body needs rest, and until you’ve reached a certain fitness level, six days of exercise will be a quick way to burn yourself out.”

He also had his own observations about the effects that the new year had on the number of gym patrons.  He said, “This first week back we have seen a huge amount of students utilizing the fitness center. This is pretty typical however, for this time of year. Generally the attendance at peak hours will start to drop off as school work and other obligations become more prevalent.”  He then went on to say, “From a health standpoint, we would love to see the gym packed every day.”

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