Staying Safe and Warm this Winter: A Guide To Ensure That You Don’t Get Sick In The Blizzards

By Matt Ridge

Elm Staff Writer


This time of year can throw some crazy weather our way. January in Maryland is notorious for its unforgivable freezing temperatures and random occurrences of snow that can even catch the best weather database off guard. This confusing weather often affects the way we dress. It’s hard to choose between dressing for style and dressing to prepare for a blizzard. Whichever fashion direction you choose, I’m here to give you simple “Do’s” and “Don’ts” to help you stay comfortable and warm this winter.ridge

DO: Wear a coat. I cannot stress enough that coats are essential for this time of year. I don’t mean a light jacket or a sweatshirt or a hoodie, I mean a coat that either zips or buttons up to keep your warmth inside of you. Yes, for slightly less cold days a puffy winter vest is acceptable but make sure you are protecting your arms with a long sleeve shirt or sweater if you go this route.

DON’T: Go outside without any kind of cold protection. It can get to be below freezing some days here on the Eastern Shore, and going outside with just a sweater, or, worse, an exposed short-sleeved shirt, is unacceptable.

DO: Wear long pants such as jeans or khakis. Pants will unarguably protect your entire leg (from your hip to your ankles) from the harsh temperatures. It honestly doesn’t matter if you wear baggy pants or skin-tight pants, as long as you have on something that covers your legs, you are in the clear.

DON’T: Wear shorts of any kind for casual outfits. I fully understand that working out in gym shorts is a comfortable and even smart thing to do. And if it so happens that you need to walk from your room to the gym and back in the bitterness, that’s okay. It would be smarter to bring sweats to slip over the shorts or even a change of pants, but I will let this one slide. If you are choosing to wear mesh shorts (or any kind of shorts) casually this time of year then you should rethink your life choices.

Above, Matt Ridge models the proper attire to ensure that you stay warm. Below, Ridge models the attire that is innapropriate for the winter weather.
Above, Matt Ridge models the proper attire to ensure that you stay warm. Below, Ridge models the attire that is innapropriate for the winter weather.

DO: Wear other winter protective accessories like gloves, hats, or scarves. With most of your body being covered by clothing that you are hopefully wearing, your hands are the most susceptible to the cold, making gloves an everyday staple. Hats and scarves are not a must but they are never a bad idea. Scarves especially help demonstrate even a slight fashion sense, so choosing one that matches your outfit will be a definite plus.

DON’T: Walk out of your room with no winter protection at all. If you care about yourself and want to keep any heat in your body and stay healthy, you will at least, if nothing else, wear gloves.

The main purpose of this article was not to provide you with tips to look fashionable like I normally choose to write about. This article is really to encourage all of you to be safe when going out into the cold. The more layers you have on and the more parts of you that are covered, the better off you will be.

Be sure to look for my article in next week’s Elm for more specific winter fashion tips. For now, stay warm.


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