Students Welcomed Back with Dining Hall Changes

By Aliya Merhi
Elm Staff Writer
The dining hall at Washington College welcomed the new year with some changes.
While students were away for winter break, the dining hall took advantage of the empty campus to make students’ suggestions a reality.
An email was sent out on Sunday, Jan. 18 from Dining Services that announced the improvements.  The condiments are now across from the drink station, the desserts are now where the condiments used to be, and the waffle machines are where the desserts were. A new fridge next to the waffle machines holds pre-made  sandwiches, and sandwich presses are next to the fridge. Gluten-free items are behind the My Pantry area where the Silk machine was, and the Silk machine has been relocated to the other side of My Pantry.
In a joint email, Director of Dining Services Zena Maggitti and Director of Residential Dining Janelle Craft shared the reasoning behind the changes. “The biggest change centered around the deli area and was sparked from comments about having a larger variety and wanting to see the ingredients and options they were choosing,” they said. “The station was originally built to be a pre-made sandwich spot, but guests began eequesting madeto-order options, so we moved to that type of service even though the station wasn’t built to operate in that manner. The renovations have now made it functional as a made-to-order deli. Guests can now see the food items as they order. The change also helps with flow and speed of service.”
Dining Services employee Kyle Wilson said, “You can see the sandwich station. I like it because I think it’s kind of awkward for somebody to have a sandwich being made and [not be able to] see what’s going on. There [are also] panini presses and everything, so there are more options. There is more convenient placing. They differentiate for the people with a gluten allergy, so I think that it’s a good change.” Students were sometimes confused by the placement of the glutenfree microwave beside the bread items and would use it to warm up food that contained gluten. The new placement of all the gluten-free food and appliances helps prevent more students from making this mistake. “Prior to moving all of these items
to behind the My Pantry area, guests had to visit several locations to get the products they wanted. We were also able to add a panini press specifically for use with gluten free items only,” Maggitti and Craft said in the email. There are also new gluten free items for students to enjoy.
From condiments to desserts, to new sandwich presses, the dining hall has been transfigured to give students a more satisfactory dining experience.

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