A Goose and A Gander: Let’s talk about sex… and relationships, and dating, and everything in between!

By Nick Anstett and Kaitlyn Fowler

Elm Staff Writers


This week Nick and Kaitlyn are discussing that morning after Birthday Ball. How was your morning after? Was it as awkward as you thought it would be? Next week, Nick and Kaitlyn are going to talk about how to go about getting a spring break fling. Are flings for a week worth it?


Nick says… Having celebrated two campus-wide birthday parties for George Washington already, I have noticed a trend. You can ask any student how their Birthday Ball experience went, and you’re likely to get an answer along the lines of “Oh, Birthday Ball…” with a slight laugh or smirk or an “Oh Birthday Ball…” accompanied by an eye roll and a bid to change the subject of conversation. At the very least, Birthday Ball tends to be an eventful evening for most WC students for better or for worse. The question is: how do you handle the fallout?

The smart way to go about this is of course to make sure your Birthday Ball experience is not one to regret. Temper your drinking. Focus on having fun. Go in with fun but realistic expectations. Avoid inebriated conversations with professors. Of course, hindsight is always 20/20 and by the time you read this you’ll likely be neck deep in a post-Birthday Ball semester.

So how does one handle that potentially embarrassing thing that happened on the dance floor, at the bar, or at the pre/post party? It’s clichéd, I know, but talk it out. Be direct with the parties involved and discuss what happened. In some cases an “I’m sorry” might be in order. We all do dumb things and, add in big events and alcohol, the results can be less than pleasant. Sometimes it’s best to suck in your pride and just apologize for whatever went wrong. I personally have become rather infamous for my morning after apology texts.

However, in most cases, chances are it’s best to let Birthday Ball be…well…Birthday Ball. Often times its best to let that awkward moment in the JFC. Nobody is expecting everyone to be at their best and chances are that thing that happened that’s racking your brain isn’t as big a deal as you might think. What happens at Birthday Ball stays at Birthday Ball. That is, well, if you really did screw up royally, in which case refer to the paragraph above.


Kaitlyn says…Birthday Ball-the once a year extravaganza of dancing, and dressing up, and celebrating. After every party there is the awkward follow up, a sort of morning-after scenario. Birthday Ball is one of the biggest parties around and often times, the bigger the party,the more awkward the follow up.

I have an issue with using the phrase the morning after here. Yes, that morning after is known for its potentially extreme levels of awkwardness, but it makes it seem as if the awkwardness is just contained to that one morning. That is not the case. Whatever may have happened between you and this person it could be awkward for a while. I have seen breakups, makeups, and hookups all begin at Birthday Ball and I have been around to see the weird repercussions that follow.

Look, I’m not saying you shouldn’t have had fun with someone. That is not what I am saying at all. Like I said before, Birthday Ball is once a year and so I am all for letting go and having fun. I just think you need to be careful that in the future you don’t get Birthday Ball goggles. If you’re feeling weird that you suffered from Birthday Ball goggles, meaning the glitz and the glamour lowered your judgment a little too much, then try thinking about it like this: Would you have done anything with that person if it was a regular Saturday night? If that was a probably then stop beating yourself up now. If it was a no, well then sorry. I don’t really have a quick fix for that one. I do think though that even though they might not have been your “usual” style it doesn’t mean anything that happened was a bad thing. You just expanded your horizons and I’m pretty sure college is about trying new things and learning who you are. So there you go awkward or not you probably just learned something about yourself.

I’m not going to lie, it’s not super easy to pause and think about Birthday Ball goggles and all these other things at Birthday Ball. No one expected to see a bunch of pro-con lists on napkins at the end of the night. You had a fun night and you shouldn’t look back on it with regret. Why color a wonderful evening with feelings of guilt or stupidity? Whatever happened, whether it was a lot or nothing at all, happened. You can’t change it so don’t dwell on the negative parts.


You don’t want this awesome crazy fun night to be overshadowed by a hundred different awkward run-ins on the Cater Walk. Remember that we go to a really small school and while it is possible to rarely see people it often seems that the second there is someone you don’t want to see they are suddenly constantly around. It doesn’t have to be awkward, though. I don’t know why people think it is so awkward to see that other person around. I get that it can be weird but honestly, you shared a (hopefully) nice evening together. Why freak out about it?

The clock struck midnight, and the magic was gone. Hopefully on Sunday morning, when another Birthday Ball had come and gone, you were happy with everything that happened.

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