Birthday Ball, Please: How To Ask Someone To Be Your Date

By Kylie Hargrave

Elm Staff Writer


Birthday Ball is almost upon us, which means it’s time to start asking that special someone to go with you. While huge displays of asking are not required, it is still nice to ask someone special to celebrate the night with you.

There are  always the simple and sweet ways, especially for someone you really love and that you’ve been with for a while. Being asked always makes a woman feel special, even if she knows she couldn’t possibly be going with anyone else. Take her out to dinner, buy her some roses, or even write her a note—anything to make her feel that giddiness that typically comes when someone first asks you on a date or to a dance. This is sure to remind her that you’re still very much into her, and it can keep the romance alive by reminding her that you really do choose her. I promise she’ll feel on top of the world and extremely grateful for the reminder. It’s easy for romance to fade with time, and making a small gesture like this could help it reawaken.

If you really want to make a statement, either to someone you’ve only been dating for a short while or someone you’ve been interested in (and are fairly confident they reciprocate the feelings), then there’s no harm in getting creative. If you like to write, make her a poem and read it to her. Have friends slip her little notes throughout the day that eventually end in asking her. Sing her a song if you play the guitar. Draw or paint her something if you’re an artist. Do something that’s personal to you and that represents how you care about her. However, do be careful and know who you’re asking. You don’t want to get too deep too early in a relationship or make a potential partner feel overwhelmed. Try being more lighthearted so that she feels special but not, freaked out.

Along the same lines, I would advise against doing anything super extreme (we really aren’t in high school anymore), and making a huge show over asking a woman could make her feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, or even obligated to go with you, especially at a school as small as this one. You want her to feel good, not unnerved and embarrassed. When it comes down to it, you aren’t proposing to her, just asking her to a college dance. Opt for something lighthearted, and personal rather than grand and excessive.

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