Friends At Home: Ways to Keep in Touch

By Kylie Hargrave

Elm Staff Writer


Forming new friendships at college is an exciting experience, sometimes nerve-wrecking and full of ups and downs. As a freshman going through these ups and downs on campus is an interesting and trying period of growth. Figuring out this new dynamic of living and finding one’s place in a new and unknown environment is like putting a puzzle together.

It’s so easy to get so absorbed into making friends on campus and maintaining those new friendships, but with that also comes a certain sadness for your old friends. Especially those you’ve known for so long that are somewhat easy to take for granted until distance reminds you what they really mean to you. With this sadness also comes clarity as to who it was back home that was truly the closest to you. Sometimes with classes and everything else it can be hard to figure out the best ways to stay in touch with those important people back home no matter how much you want to.

A personal favorite way to keep in touch with people at home is through sending letters or postcards. This way of communicating has an extra personal flare. Letters from loved ones can be very comforting when stored and read over again and again when you feel your heartstrings tugging towards home. Also, this is a sure way to go the extra mile to show someone special that you care and are thinking of them, especially if you can’t find much time to talk in other ways due to busy schedules and time zones.

For those friends that were always the greatest fun in small groups it can be fun to hold a group Skype call every once in a while in order to keep in touch with everyone and keep the group dynamic alive. This way you get to spend some quality time with more than one person at a time (to fit in with that busy schedule) and in a more intimate way than just texting or calling.

I, for one, am not the biggest fan of texting. I would much rather have a phone call with friends or see people in person than have an on-going text conversation. Part of this is simple forgetfulness because, between classes, homework, and social activities, a text can be easy to forget.

That being said, sometimes a simple text can go a long way. Taking the time to shoot a text to close friends back home every once in a while just to remind them that you’re thinking of them, love them, or hope they have a good day can be a great and easy way to keep relationships strong even when several miles away.

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