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With the start of a new calendar year many women are thinking new year, new them. This can mean trying out a new hair color. With help from multiple fashion sites I have seen that there are quite a few popular hair colors for the new year.

The first is new caramel highlights. This is one of the new and upcoming shade of blonde highlights. This shade of blonde is a natural color with undertones of blonde, brown, and red and is known for looking amazing when colored with both dark and light shades of hair. Blonde hair in general is known for looking adorable. If you are a girl or woman who needs help with extra hair volume, caramel highlights will make your hair look fuller and thicker. Along with this, it is extremely popular to highlight a woman’s hair blonde in the spring. Blonde is one color experts say looks fantastic in any style. Although, brunettes are still beating blondes in the battle of most popular color in the new year. Brunette hair color is thought of as suitable for all skin tones with less effort through shape and touch ups.

Stylists are suggesting to stick with natural hair colors, rather than bold and outlandish colors in 2015. Blonde, red, and gray are at the top of the list so far. Try highlights and lowlights to add more dimension and volume to your new do.

Stylists are suggesting to stick with natural hair colors, rather than bold and outlandish colors in 2015. Blonde, red, and gray are at the top of the list so far. Try highlights and lowlights to add more dimension and volume to your new do.

Red, is a color that is extremely rare to have naturally. This is one hair color that allows multi-toned hair to look beautiful and adorable so you can get that new, great look without going for a full-headed big change. Red is even an extremely popular shade to color your hair in the winter to brighten up those brisk winter days. Stylists recommend going darker with your hair in winter because darker shades are better for your skin in the winter when your skin tends to be paler. Red is one color that takes a lot of maintenance with touch-ups to keep the color from looking faded or dull. The upside to all that work is that red is thought of as looking adorable and so sexy.

In a few 2015 hair color trends, there is a lot of versatility and variety of color combinations, shades, and simple colors. Style experts are saying you do not need to stick to natural colors, but try more bold colors. There are more and more celebrities going along with this trend in the new year. Former “Hills” star and model Audrina Patridge transformed her honey streaked brunette locks to a full head of light purple highlights.

One of the biggest problems for women with hair as they get older is slowly spotting those pesky gray hairs. Most women start touching up and dying their hair with harsh chemicals, which in the end damage their hair more and cause it to start frizzing from being dried out. Style experts and hair stylists are now saying stop fighting and embrace gray hair. Their reasoning is that it can be more eye-catching than blonde or most of the popular hair colors.  Many celebrities are now embracing the gray, like Jamie Lee Curtis.

Two sides of hair coloring that can be key is the use of highlights and lowlights. For those readers who don’t know what they are, highlights are used as a complement to your natural hair color and lowlights are usually used to tone down highlights. Lowlights will help blend highlights with your natural hair color. For 2015, gold and copper lowlights are thought of looking best with fair skinned blondes. If you decide to mix high and low lights, you need to make sure the colors look natural and are well blended and also stay away from over highlighting the back of you head too much.

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2 thoughts on “Hair Color: The Most Popular Hair Trends For The 2015 Season

  1. A year ago I decide not to die my hair because I got shingles on the head, now I have my grey hair and I love it.

    By Ximena Mar 05,2015 @ 9:05 am

  2. What I always wonder is if these “trends” fit the bill of every hair-dresser country-wide. There are hair-dressers who may cater to the fashionable and the well-to-do. Yet there may equally be some who service some rural backwater where hair styles may have not changed in years and aging ladies just want them to preserve the color of “their youth” – no matter what current style “dictates”. I had a hair dresser who drove sales reps nuts because all he did was tear off the color label of each flask he used, then once every half year counted the color codes and placed orders for exactly what he KNEW he needed. While the reps always wanted him to buy the newest collections in unusual (for him) color proportions. In the end he always prevailed because he threatened to switch manufacturers and he was always about right. His competitors, he said to me, always threw away a lot of colorants each season that they had paid for.

    By Maureen Coffey Mar 11,2015 @ 3:06 pm

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