Internships for Your Dream Career

By Brooke Schultz

Elm Staff Writer


As students choose their majors, an overwhelming question comes to mind: “What am I going to do with this?” Assistant Dean Andrea Lange and Career Counselor Vicki Sawyer both have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to figuring out what internship to apply for in college and how it can help skyrocket your future career.

Washington College has over 2,500 internship opportunities for students of any major. Sawyer said, “Surveys indicate an employer expectation of three to four internship, research, and/or field experiences throughout one’s collegiate years.” So, it is really important that students take advantage of internship opportunities.

There are two types of internships, credit-bearing or noncredit-bearing. WC has internship opportunities in the US, as well as international internships.

Under the Career Development’s Signature Internships page, internships are listed by topic, which allows students to see what opportunities they have for their major. Here are a few of WC’s most popular majors and some information on impressive internships that build a pathway toward careers in those fields.



For English majors, students have options to intern at a variety of places from literary agencies to government relations.

For students interested in the literary aspect, Aitken Alexander Associates in New York City offers an internship which involves reading manuscripts and maintaining databases.

American Public Health in Washington, DC offers English-minded students the opportunity to work with aspects of communications, government relations, and marketing.



For those interested in the medical side of biology, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in Bronx, NY has a nine week laboratory experience. Students discuss research with other students and workshops.

Junior Bonnie Douglas is a biology major and chemistry minor, and her goal is to earn a dual master’s/PhD. Last summer, she was a part of the Student Innovator Program at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, DC for eight weeks. Douglas worked with Dr. Kanneboyina Nagaraju on a pre-clinical trial for a drug to treat Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. While the Student Innovator’s Program is not part of WC’s Signature Internship, Douglas found the internship through the Career Center’s Website. She said, “Dean Lange encouraged me to apply, and I received a lot of help from professors as I completed my application.”



For those interested in business, students can get involved with Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality in Washington, DC. Students will be involved in business management for a company involved in healthcare for all Americans.

Fannie Mae in Washington, DC also offers a student internship to enhance skills and give students an opportunity for future recruitment.

Lastly, the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific in New York City provides opportunities. The internships are located worldwide and deal with economic affairs, social sciences, statistics, and a multitude of other things.



As for those focused on economics, there are several internships, such as the Aspen Institute in Washington, DC, which has multiple locations around the world dealing with entrepreneurship and business development.

Senior Evan Leary is an economics major and a political science minor who temporarily lived in Qatar to work at Doha Bank. Leary reported to established bankers and management in each department and completed risk analysis and training in the international departments of retail banking, wholesale banking, international banking, treasury and investments, and treasury settlements.

Leary said, “The experience was especially beneficial because I learned what I am interested in, and just as importantly, what I am not interested in and [was exposed] to a completely new culture in the Middle East.”



For psychology students, they can apply to the American Psychological Association Summer Fellowship Program at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. They are placed in applied development, biopsychology, clinical psychology, and other branches depending on interests.

Students can also get involved in Educational Psychology and Applied Developmental Science Summer Undergraduate Research Program Curry School at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Va., where they research in schools and classrooms related to child development.

Students can apply for internships during any year of school. When selecting an internship, Lange said, “We recommend that students meet with the Assistant Dean to discuss internship options.”

With countless options available through WC, and even more that WC does not offer but can help with, you are sure to find the perfect internship for your major.

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