It’s Going Down, I’m Yelling Tinder

By Aakriti Gupta

Elm Staff Writer


Tinder has presented a lot of interesting dilemmas when it comes to modern dating. It may have fundamentally improved the dating scene, but has devalued romance and its very essence. It helps in fulfilling sexual need, but poses questions about the importance of love. It is quick and less time consuming, but usually does not last longer than one date.

For people who are unaware of the Tinder application, let me educate you. Tinder is a matchmaking mobile app that picks matches around a specific radius of the person using it. Especially made for college campuses, it was first piloted at the University of Southern California.  Eventually, it made its way throughout the nation over the past two years, and is no longer restricted to college campuses. People from age 16 to mid-40’s, are on this app, looking for an easy way to find a significant other in the surrounding area. A free app, it has caught everybody’s attention because the user only needs to make a right swipe on your screen on a favorable stranger’s profile, and a left swipe to reject. If two users swipe right for each other it’s called a “match” and the two users can talk to each other.

In today’s world we have time to spend hours on various online apps but not one minute to take the time to know someone and give love a chance. It has become easier to talk to strangers via messages than to keep a conversation going with someone sitting in front of us. Do we need a significant other only to satisfy our sexual needs and not our emotional ones? Have we become so practical that love seems like a waste of time in our busy schedules and yet we can spend hours approving or rejecting people with just one swipe on Tinder?

It sounds very practical but can be dangerous. Many users have reported some extremely bizarre encounters. I came across hundreds of such Tinder Tales on the web. One story comes from Paris where a guy met a girl on Tinder while on a vacation. She turned up at his doorstep two weeks later in Amsterdam on his birthday with an engagement ring asking him to marry her as she was supposedly in love with him.

One of the most absurd stories that I came across was when a man met a stripper on Tinder. Their first sexual encounter took place 20 minutes after their match. She told him afterwards that she was a drug addict and had a boyfriend who would beat him up if he found out what they had done. Later, the unsuspecting man found out that she was also pregnant during their meeting.

Such incidents make me uncomfortable reading about Tinder, let alone ever actually participating in this cyber fest. I may be orthodox, but I prefer meeting someone in person than on a mobile app or social networking site. Maybe it takes more time out of our busy schedules but in my opinion, it is a more reassuring and safer path than seeing someone on a screen and taking the chance.

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