Kibler Field Ready for Spring Sports : Roy Kirby Stadium’s New Turf Field Is Set for Action After Months of Repairs

By Pat Mariboe

Staff Writer


The Washington College Athletic Department was shocked when met with some unfortunate news at the beginning of the 2014 school year when Kibler Field was damaged due to a severe rain storm the week before classes. This setback caused several teams, including both the men’s and women’s soccer teams, to relocate their practices and games to the bermuda grass fields located by Kent Crossing Apartments. After months of work and repair, the entire turf was replaced for a fee of approximately $500,000, which was covered by the college’s insurance. On Oct. 28, the men’s soccer team christened the new field in their last game of the season with a dramatic 2-1 double overtime win.

Kibler turf is finally ready for lacrosse season after months of maintence and adjustments. over.
Kibler turf is finally ready for lacrosse season after months of maintence and adjustments. over.

However, just this past week, there have been reports of service and maintenance crews investigating the field for some possible problems with the turf. When asked about the issue,  Phil Ticknor, assistant to the athletic director for communications & academic support, said, “I do not know specifics, but I do know there was some touch-up to be done to the installation, which was covered under the warranty of the new turf.”

Bryan Matthews, director of Athletics, was able to put the rumors to rest.

“There has been some additional work done to Kibler Field,” Matthews said. “Several weeks after the new turf was installed, we noticed some areas that had slight depressions in them. These areas were related to the same places that had drainage problems with the old field. The installation company brought in a crew and they did some work to fix these issues and add additional top dressing to the field as well. So far everything looks great and we are going to keep a close eye on this as the spring progresses.”

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