Koch’s Corner

Dual-sport athlete Emily Hubley talks with The Elm’s Chris Koch as she transitions from basketball to the beginning of lacrosse. 

CK: You have just finished your senior season of basketball. What are your feelings after the winter as you head into lacrosse?

EH: It is definitely a bittersweet feeling. I can’t believe my basketball career is over, but I am looking forward to getting back into lacrosse and hopefully accomplishing some big goals this spring.


CK: The team is entering the season ranked No.17 in the country, according to the IWLCA preseason poll, coming off one of your strongest seasons in recent history. What are the expectations heading into your senior year?

EH: The expectations are pretty high for this upcoming season. We have a lot of team goals we would like to achieve/accomplish, and being ranked in preseason is one of them. We have a lot of talent and also a lot of work to do to get where we want to be.


CK: You are also on Inside Lacrosse’s Division III player of the year watch. Does having these high expectations help to prepare both you and team for the season?

EH: I know the coaches will put us all in a great position to be successful, no matter what. As long as we all come out ready to play hard and the right way, we should be able to get it done.


CK: You are not only a two-sport athlete, but a two-sport captain here at WC. How do you handle leading two teams, especially with the overlapping seasons?

EH: It is definitely an honor to be the captain of both the lacrosse and basketball teams. It gets a little harder when the seasons begin to overlap in February, as I want to be at everything for both sports, but there are a lot of great leaders on both teams. It has been a great experience, and I have been able to develop a lot of friendships with a lot of different people.


CK: What are some of the advantages of playing two sports here at a small Division III school?

EH: Some advantages would be the constant support and understanding from the professors. Being able to have close relationships with them allows things to run smoothly throughout the semester, especially with any conflicts. With that, I am able to continue to play the two sports that I love and at a very competitive level and develop life-long friendships with some great people.


CK: What does your team need to do to get over the hump and win your first ever Centennial Conference title?

EH: Again, we have a lot of talent this season and a lot of work to do to accomplish the goals we have set for ourselves as a team. We need to stay focused and take each day/game at a time and get better every day.


CK: What is your favorite memory as a Washington College athlete?

EH: I would say my favorite memory as a Washington College athlete was beating Gettysburg last year in OT. It was such a hard fought, team win that we will be talking about probably forever.


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