Life of Cake

By John Curran

Elm Staff Writer

As the newest location in town to grab a bite to eat, Life of Cake is looking to sate Chestertown’s hunger for something delicious. Offering a variety of meals from sandwiches to seafood dishes, to baked goods, Life of Cake is described by owner and head chef Aaron Wesley as, “gourmet-carryout.”

Life of Cake is a small and focused operation employing three regular chefs, one of which is Wesley himself, and three additional students. In speaking to Wesley, it is abundantly clear that Life of Cake serves as an outlet for him to engage in what he is most passionate about: cooking and baking. An exercise medicine graduate out of University of Maryland Eastern Shore, Wesley is a self-taught cook with a strong desire to impress.

Beyond simply seeking to cook great food, however, Wesley comes to Chestertown with a clear philosophy and vision for the future of Life of Cake. Starting with the logo and tagline, “You have to taste if for yourself” Life of Cake looks to be fully focused on engaging the community. Wesley described the circular logo as reminiscent of a dial slowly ticking away and a perfect representation of his business. “Wherever you go, whether parties or weddings, cakes are there. Cakes are the common denominator, and they are there when people come together,” he said. This sense of family and community stands as a defining characteristic of Life of Cake but is also something that Wesley is looking to extend beyond his store walls.

For those students at Washington College with artistic ability and a desire to display their work, Life of Cake may be just the place to look into. Dissatisfied with the current plain interior of the store, Wesley is encouraging those who are interested to contact him and discuss displaying their artwork. In line with his mission to establish a communal atmosphere within Life of Cake, the participation of the Chestertown community, including Washington College students, is welcomed and encouraged. Wesley also mentioned that potential for payment for artwork is not off the table either.

Life of Cake is open now and offering options for individuals or those seeking catering. Customers are encouraged to call ahead when seeking to place an order, though walk-ins are welcome. A 10 percent discount is available to all Washington College students in possession of a college ID. The next time you are contemplating ordering a pizza or visiting a fast food restaurant perhaps consider Life of Cake instead, where you are sure to find something fresh and homemade, such as a gourmet fresh cut roast beef hoagie or a broiled crab cake sandwich.

Life of Cake is the white building located on 827 High St., which is just across the street from the exit to Kent Crossing. It is open on Mondays and Tuesdays, and Thursday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. The number is 410-778-9727, and Life of Cake can be accessed online at or on Facebook at

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