Male Accesories

By Matt Ridge

Elm Staff Writer


When most people think about accessories, their mind doesn’t immediately jump to something being worn by a male. The point of a lot of my articles is to try to take fashion back from the women. Women typically rule the fashion world with their endless supply of shoes, jewelry, and purses. Accessories are something that could just as easily make or break an outfit but us guys seem to be afraid to try them. When I say accessories, I am speaking of many things; there is jewelry (like necklaces, earrings, rings, etc.) as well as hats, shoes, and sunglasses. I’m here to help you break out of your comfort zone and try a few accessories that may at first seem too risky and unusual but, with time, can become an everyday outfit must.

Matt Ridge models his rings, in many styles and colors. You can wear multiple rings and spread them across your two hands to show you have style.
Matt Ridge models his rings, in many styles and colors. You can wear multiple rings and spread them across your two hands to show you have style.

It’s typical for a guy to wear a hat. But most guys who wear hats fall into the baseball cap trap, where they feel their head will only look good in a cap and in nothing else. Some guys fall so deep in to this trap that they wear the cap every day instead of showing off their hair. I warn you, don’t fall in to this trap. While caps are cool and can actually be stylish, wearing them everyday (just as if you wore anything every single day) can become tired. People will begin to wonder if you have hair.

Don’t make people wonder if you have hair. Limit your hat wearing to three days a week and see how different you feel and how different people react to seeing you. If caps aren’t really your style, since it is winter, why not try a beanie? They’re comfortable, stylish, and look good on practically everyone.

My personal favorite male accessories are rings. I find rings to be the more thought out accessories of the male wardrobe because it takes more time to figure out your size (when buying) as well as figuring out if it will annoy you all day to have a ring on a certain finger. If you enjoy rings, don’t think you have to limit yourself to just one; wearing multiple rings especially if they are spread out through both hands is a subtle way of showing you have style. Pro Tip: gold, black, and silver rings go with pretty much everything.

I’ve already expressed my love of boots in previous articles, but I will touch briefly on them here as well. Now that it’s the dead of winter, you’re going to want to wear warmer shoes, and boots are the answer to this problem. Two styles of boots that are very in right now are LL Bean’s Bean Boots and basic tan Timberland boots.

Accessories, more than any other piece of an outfit, can become take it or leave it situations. An outfit doesn’t need to have an accessory to look good if the outfit is fashionable enough on its own. They are wardrobe enhancers not outfit makers. My point in saying this is that if you do choose to wear accessories be adventurous but don’t be outrageous, also don’t be afraid to try new things. You never know how people will react to new accessory choices until you give them the opportunity to see it.

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