Mardi Gras For Dudes

By Matt Ridge

Elm Staff Writer


Every Washington College student knows that George Washington’s Birthday Ball is the biggest party of the year, even if they’ve never been to one. Unlike Homecoming, the Ball is something that everyone dresses up in their glitziest outfits for. The best part of Birthday Ball is that every year provides a different theme thus giving everyone a different opportunity to change up his or her approach to dressing for the occasion. Dressing to a theme is generally a must, but typically only the girls enjoy the fun of choosing their dress to manifest the message of the night. Guys on the other hand, will find a shirt and tie and pants to match, throw on a blazer and call it an outfit. I’m here to give you some pointers and help even the gentlemen look their Mardi Gras best.

First, wearing the same suit/getup that you wore to Homecoming is not going to cut it. Birthday Ball is essentially WC’s prom and must be treated as such. The simplest way to make your outfit stand out is with a tie. Since this year’s theme of Mardi Gras provides the perfect opportunity to go crazy with your wardrobe choices, selecting a bold colored tie or a tie with an eccentric design is definitely acceptable. The colors of Mardi Gras are of course yellow, purple, and green, but don’t be afraid to utilize any color to show a little bit of flash. If you have a different colored blazer (other than black or blue), now is the time to break it out and show it off.

If loud and flashy colors aren’t your style, dressing in all black is also a classy choice that will help you stand out. Instead of pairing your white shirt with a black blazer, try pairing a black shirt with it and see how quickly you go from ordinary to extraordinary. Blazers are also not a necessity, though they are usually a staple for Birthday Ball and help with the overall air of sophistication the night tries so desperately to hold on to. Sweaters are an alternative, but equally classy choice. Pairing a black or white button up underneath a gray or even red sweater would be a really unique way to change up your appearance. Other ways of mixing up your outfit while still looking sophisticated would be adding accessories like rings, styling your hair instead of neglecting to wash it, and adding a signature Mardi Gras mask to complete the ensemble. Like I said in my article about Homecoming, washing and styling your hair will make you feel better about yourself and automatically enhance your look.

No matter what you wear to Birthday Ball, keep in mind that the night is about having fun and celebrating the birthday of our school’s founder. While looking good and stylish is important to some, the most important thing for everyone to remember is to have fun. Throw some beaded necklaces around your neck, get your friends together and have a great night. Also remember, the only thing better than looking good is being safe.

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