Professor Scout to Retire This Year

By Emily Harris

News Editor

After a long career at Washington College, Associate Professor of Business Management Dr. Terrence Scout will retire at the end of the semester. “It just seems as if it is time. Our grandchildren are growing up way too fast. I’ve never seen a tombstone that said: ‘I wished I had worked longer,’” Dr. Scout said.

Dr. Scout moved to Chestertown with his family in 1984 and has remained a professor at WC ever since. “My standard joke is that George Washington and I came in together,” he said.

Associate Professor of Business Management Dr. Terrence Scout plans to retire at the end of this semester.
Associate Professor of Business Management Dr. Terrence Scout plans to retire at the end of this semester.

Formerly a professor at the University of North Carolina, Charlotte, Dr. Scout wanted a change from the large class sizes he was accustomed to at UNC and WC was the perfect fit. “My wife and I were looking for a small school where the primary focus was on teaching, in a small town where we could raise our children.”

Of all of the courses he’s offered at WC, Dr. Scout said that marketing is the class he enjoys the most. He describes the class as “primarily sophomores trying to decide if they want to be business majors, most of them with the wrong idea about what marketing is. I love it.”

Aside from marketing Dr. Scout has also taught strategic management and advertising. The strategic management course serves as a capstone experience for the business management major.

In past years, he was responsible for taking students to Europe and China during the summer for an international business experience seminar.

“Every semester my ‘most’ memorable moment is when a student ‘gets it,’” Dr. Scout said reflecting on his time at WC. “I’ll miss my fellow faculty and staff, the dining hall, my office, but I’ll get over it. Life goes on. And yes, it sounds trite and cliché, but I’ll miss the students. Many, many students have put a smile on my face and a song in my heart.  I just hope I’ve done as much for them as they’ve done for me.”

Whether it’s cheering on his grandchildren at their various sporting events and performances, re-reading great books, or traveling with his wife, Dr. Scout has plenty left to do after WC.

“There is so much of the world we have yet to see,” he said. “I should have retired earlier.”

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