PS Birthday Ball Tips

Courtesy of Jerry Roderick

Director of Public Safety

We hope you’re excited to celebrate George Washington’s birthday at this year’s Birthday Ball.  Here are a few tips to help make sure you have a fun and safe Birthday Ball experience.

– There are more options out there than pre-gaming with alcohol such as going out to dinner with your date or attending the pre-Birthday Ball Extravaganza Event in the Egg.

– Make sure you dress for the weather, as it will be mighty cold outside.

– Please note that our events’ staff will be at the door, and anyone who is attempting to enter while too intoxicated to conduct themselves in a safe fashion will be turned away.  Check in with your friends about this as the evening progresses.

– When you arrive at the Birthday Ball, make sure you bring your student ID  If you are of age and plan to purchase alcohol, bring a legal form of ID.

– You will also want to have a safe place on your person to put your keys, ID, and other valuables.  Leaving items in your coat pocket, on tables, or with friends often results in items not finding their way back to you.

– Wear shoes you can be comfortable in.  Often students shed their shoes to dance and get a foot spiked with a high heel.  Trust me on this one, it really hurts.

– Enjoy the event and look out for one another.  Make sure you set a limit with alcohol and that you have a plan to arrive home safely.

– Make sure you don’t forget about the wonderful breakfast at the Dining Hall after the event is over.

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