Q & A: Swimmer Austin Yocum talks with The Elm’s Chris Koch prior to the conference championships

By Chris Koch

Distribution Manager 


This week we are beginning a new column where we will introduce you to some of the student athletes that you see on campus everyday.

This week we sat down with senior swimmer Austin Yocum before Washington College competes in the Centennial Conference Championships this weekend, hosted by Gettysburg College.

CK: What are your feelings going into what might be your last combative college meet?

AY: My feelings going into this last meet are excitement and some sad feelings. The team is well prepared to do the best that we have ever done at champs and I can’t wait to get to the high goals we set as a team. I will be sad when I strike the wall in the last relay on Sunday since the last four years have been amazing with some of the best friends I could ever have from the team.

CK: You recently broke the pool record in the 200 freestyle event. What does having your name up on the record board mean to you?

AY: Having my name on the board means a lot to me. I get to carry on my name and hopefully some of my friends will remember what I have done for the program.

CK: You also have won the Centennial Conference Swimmer of the Week award twice in a row. Do you feel a lot of momentum going into this weekend?

AY: I feel like a bullet out of the gun. I can’t wait for this weekend and hopefully  to end my career with the fastest swims I have ever had.

CK: What is your favorite memory as a member of the Washington College swim team?

AY: My favorite memory would definitely have to be my junior year when I anchored the 200 free relay against Ursinus to win the meet by one point.

CK: Do you have any pre-meet rituals?

AY: My pre-meet ritual: I wake up three hours before every meet and listen to a winter Christmas mix and then transition to some techno when I get to the pool.

CK: What made you choose Washington College four years ago?

AY: The real answer to this is that I didn’t want to go to school and my mother sent my only application into the school here, but it did make me feel at home here. I wanted something small so I could stand out and fit in.

CK: As a chemistry major, what are your plans after graduation in the spring?

AY: My plans after the spring hopefully are continuing my education at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) with their biomedical science program and then apply for medical school at PCOM.

CK: I know you also work as an Admissions Ambassador here at Washington College. Could you tell us a little more about that experience?

AY: I love showing prospective students why I fell in love with this school and how it changed my life. Also, I’m great at talking to people.

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