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By Catalina Righter

News Editor

Riverside Vape is a purveyor of electronic cigarettes that opened this past September. It is owned by Cory L. Boynton, who runs the store on his own while also working at the Kent County Wastewater Management Department.

Riverside Vape on Morgnec Road specializes in electronic cigarettes.
Riverside Vape on Morgnec Road specializes in electronic cigarettes.

In mid-March, hours at the shop will be expanding. It will be open three half days during the week as well as on Saturday and Sunday. “The store is close to being finished,” said Boynton. “So never mind the mess.” The store features clean white walls and granite countertops from Delmarva Granite & Marble located right behind Riverside Vape, but there are also visible signs of renovation.

Riverside Vape stocks the electronics for vaping as well as the e-liquids. According to Boynton, the vaping industry has taken off so quickly that often wholesale companies have trouble keeping the e-liquids in stock. He said that he currently has about 300 bottles of e-liquid in-store.

The main company he stocks from is dreamE, which is made in a FDA Registered Laboratory and part of the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association. Vaping is not a smoking cessation method but, “It is an alternative to smoking,” said Boynton.

He said business has been pretty good, but he hasn’t seen many students from the College.

He helps customers who wish to switch from traditional cigarettes to vaping find the correct nicotine level for their e-liquids based on the amount they currently smoke. He recommends staring out with “a little less, so you can stay behind it” for customers who may also still be smoking traditional cigarettes alongside a vape while they make the transition.  E-liquids come in various flavors and nicotine levels, including nicotine-free.

The hardware associated with vaping can also be purchased in different levels at Riverside. A starter kits runs at about $15. “A step up would be a bigger battery, better coil, glass tank,” said Boynton. More expensive set-ups usually include better battery life and more durable components. Experienced users can also purchase a mechanical mod.

E-cigarettes are only available to customers 18 and over. The College policy is not clear concerning e-cigarettes, probably because they have only recently come into widespread use. There is a question whether they fall under the WC smoking policy like traditional cigarettes or under a separate category like chew tobacco. Director of Human Resources Alan Chesney said, “The smoking policy is clearly in need of modification because it does not address some of the issues [regarding the classification of e-cigarettes].”

Riverside can be reached at 443-480-6718 or riversidevape@gmail.com and is located at  516 Morgnec Rd.


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  1. I’ve been in there a few times. Corey is a great guy, really helpful.

    It’s great to see a local business growing and thriving. Hopefully the fda and big tobacco companies don’t kill them off before they even get started.

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