Sho’Troupe: A Rallying Force

By Maggie Buterbaugh

Elm Staff Writer


Do you enjoy watching artistic and athletic performances? Sho’ Troupe, a selective dance team at Washington College, is a challenging and enthusiastic club that works hard to enrich our college with cultural performances and events around campus. They encompass a unique art and efflortlessly cool, sporty vibe whenever they perform. The team recently held their spring auditions. This semesters’ tryouts included memorizing and preforming 50 seconds of choreography in front of captain and junior Kendall Davis and co-captain and senior Rachel Petrie. During these auditions the dancers were also asked to perform 30 seconds of their own choreography.

Students work hard to master routines at Sho’Troupe auditions.
Students work hard to master routines at Sho’Troupe auditions.

To be a part of Sho’ Troupe, you must have determination and an enthusiasm for dance. “Choreography is learned at an accelerated pace because we try to perform as many different dances as possible,” said Davis. “We primarily perform jazz dances with a bit of a modern/contemporary flare.”

Sho’ Troupe dances at events all over campus. Member and senior Paula Mykytyn, said, “We perform at athletic events, Relay for Life, Comedy Week, Fall Fest, and other events that bring the campus together.”

In order to get ready for these events, the members of Sho’ Troupe work hard by practicing three to four hours every week.  However, for most members, their commitment runs even deeper. Mykytyn said,

“Most of us take other dance classes a few times a week, too. I do workouts in the gym both individually and with other Sho’Troupe members. I run a workout for a few of the girls once a week, and some of us do yoga and pi-yo.”

This semester, Sho’ Troupe is looking forward to a collegiate dance competition, and hopefully an appearance at Spring Fling.

Davis said the most enjoyable part of being a part of the dance team “is the physical challenge that Sho’Troupe presents. Our dances are most often high energy and demand a great deal of stamina and endurance from our dancers. We have fun cracking jokes and relating personal anecdotes in practices, but there’s never an easy day.”

Mykytyn said the members of Sho’ Troupe are like her family.  “Sho’Troupe has meant more to me than just dancing with a group of talented ladies. We all have each other’s backs and are all so supportive of each other,” she said.

ShoTroupeKaiteDoyle(2)When asked what Davis wanted the WC community to know about Sho’Troupe, she said, “I really feel that Sho’Troupe is in a transformative state. In the past Sho’Troupe was seen solely as a form of halftime entertainment. This year in particular, I think we have finally transcended this label to become a rallying force for the WC community”.

This semester, Davis is looking forward to “hard work in the studio and some smiles out on the field. We’re not just performing for our own benefit, we’re performing to hopefully better the community as a whole.” Next time you’re at a campus event, be sure to watch a spectacular and entertaining performance by WC’s own ‘rallying force.’

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