The College’s Most Underrated Features

By Brooke Schultz

Elm Staff Writer


Washington College entices students on a number of different levels – from the small town setting, to the small class sizes, to the feeling of community. However, once staff and students are integrated on campus fully other little nuances about WC begin to stand out.


The Downstairs Food in Hodson

No matter what school you go, eating the same food is bound to get tiring. WC’s options downstairs in the Hodson Hall Commons keep students caffeinated and provide a variety of options to satisfy what it is they’re craving.

“[Something not talked about too much when I first came here] was the downstairs section of Hodson. The food is good,” freshman Liz Rafala said.


The Events Around Campus

WC never has a dull moment. From lectures, to performances and fun activities for students to actively participate in, there’s a ton of events taking place during the week. “There’s always something [going on],” freshman Taylor Harcum said.

Freshman Michael Luckert added to Harcum’s statement and said, “I didn’t know the school has tons of free events,” in regards to the different activities the Student Eventts Board (SEB) holds.

Assistant English professor Dr. Courtney Rydel is appreciative of the things that go on around campus. “We have so many free/low cost performances, especially with music, dance, and drama. In undergrad, I had to pay to see anything, and the quality wasn’t as high as it is here.” Dr. Rydel also mentioned the Lit House. “It does a ton of programming and is a great space for teaching and events. It’s just plain adorable,” she said.

Assistant art professor Benjamin Bellas was excited about the different events that WC holds and is now finding it difficult to fit them all in his schedule. “The number of presentations, lectures, and events that take place on a weekly basis [stands out]. There’s a lecture every night, and it’s interesting. There’s a lot going on. There is way more than any one person can take in, in one week, and I think that’s what struck me the most,” he said.


The Campus Itself 

WC has a beautiful setting – you can’t miss the Building and Grounds people doing work all over campus, driving around in carts to keep things running smoothly.

“I appreciate how clean the campus is. The Grounds people do their job really well. That goes for inside buildings, too,” freshman Patrick Huff said.


Create is always a go-to place for students’ meals.
Create is always a go-to place for students’ meals.

Resources on Campus 

Libraries are expected to be on college campuses so when visiting a multitude of schools, they may not be the first thing on students’ minds. However, when working on assignments, students can definitely see the benefits WC’s library holds.

“The online website saves me from digging through books and newspapers,” freshman Kirsten Moore said.

The buildings around campus stay open relatively late for students. Students are able to rehearse in the studio, finish a painting, or get some work done in a quiet place. Sophomore Anna Gjertsen said, “I really like the fact that the classrooms are open after hours. It’s helpful to be able to study where you’ll be taking the test. It’s also nice to get a change of scenery so you can do work not just in your room or the library.”

“I didn’t know [these resources] existed. They never showed you on a tour, but now, after being here, I know they’re really helpful,” Luckert said.


Student Employment

The school also offers students plenty of opportunities for employment. From gaining Federal Work-Study (FWS) to using the Career Center, students can find the right job that suits them.

Junior Andrew Huelskeotter said, “When I was a freshman, I initially started off getting FWS in the baseball office. I continued for a full year helping to organize the phones, excel sheets for stats, and the annual fruit order sales. The great thing about it was that, thankfully for me, it was an easier job that worked well around my schedule. It allowed me to ease myself into the rest of the college process. Later, I got hired by the Gibson Crew and fortunately have not had the issue of restraint from jobs due to the hours.”

These are just a few things that students and staff value around campus, and each person is able to find something at WC that makes it special to them.



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  1. I’m glad to hear there is better food downstairs in Hudsons. Because I think the cafeteria food is Washington College’s weak link.

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