The Short Hair Takeover

By Hailli Woo

Lifestyle Editor


Typically in the winter months in Maryland, we see a variety of trends that aid with the cold and windy weather we experience. Long hair is a popular fashion found during the winter. Long hair in the winter is perfect for up-dos for fancy events and styling your hair down to warm up your neck during the brisk temperatures. A surprising trend we are now seeing around campus is short hair.  The first question that popped in my head was, “Isn’t it too cold for the bob cut?”

Short hair can be associated with edginess and sexiness. We have seen celebrities rock this style for a few years.  Women like Halle Berry, Julianne Hough, and even Audrey Hepburn have rocked this style. There are multiple forms of this new trend appearing all over the place. Among many, there is the pixie, the mussy shag, the pompadour, and the bob.

The Pixie

This style tends to be short all the way around. It is a texturized and choppy look that gives you many options to style differently depending on how you feel. A celeb that rocks the pixie is Michelle Williams and she has been rocking it for quite a few years now.

The Mussy Shag

This style is perfect for any hair type. The look is casual and visually effortless. The choppy ends and layers give a funky, fun look. You probably have seen this look on Jennifer Aniston when she played on “Friends.”

The Pompadour 

This style more commonly known as the faux hawk, and has become popular amongst a lot of singers such as Miley Cyrus and P!nk. The pompadour is a great style for people who like their hair up and out of their face. This is another style that allows you to play with it depending on your mood for the day.


This is also known as the long bob and typically has stacked layers to add dimension. This cut works best on straight and wavy hair. This funky hairstyle has been seen on January Jones and Emma Roberts.

Unstructured Bob

This hairstyle is another super short one that typically grazes the jawline.  This style works best with straight hair because if you have curly hair and try a bob your hair will look more like a triangle, unless you add layers.

Sophomore Hanna Myrdahl is one of the trendsetters on campus. “I felt like I needed a change in my life,” she said. Myrdahl has chosen a cut that is combination of an unstructured bob and a mussy shag.  This fun and playful style surely reflects Myrdahl’s personality. “It was something I have been thinking about doing for months but I didn’t have the guts to do it until now.”

Another recent rocker of the short hair, junior Sydney Weeks said, “I wanted to try something different and it is easier to take care of.” As a girl, the maintenance of keeping your hair healthy and stylish is a massive burden.

If you are thinking about cutting your hair short, think out the options of short hair and enjoy the freedom of not having to put so much work into styling your hair.

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