Welcome to WC, Neisha-Anne Green


By Aliya Merhi

Elm Staff Writer


Washington College has a new addition to the family. Neisha-Anne Green is the new assistant director at the Writing Center, and she is sure to bring something special to the Center.

She graduated in May 2014 from Lehman College with a master’s degree in writing composition and rhetoric and also received her bachelor’s degree in professional writing.

Green is hard at work every day in WC’s Writing Center.
Green is hard at work every day in WC’s Writing Center.

Not only did she work in the Writing Center at Lehman College, but she brings a lot of other experience to the position as well. “I had tons of experience in the writing center for years and was a Tutor Coordinator at the Writing Center at Hostos Community College in the Bronx. I taught at Hostos Community College, did some teaching in the classroom and tutoring at the LaGuardia Community College in Queens, and I taught at Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey,” she said.

Writing Center Peer Consultant and senior Todd Cooley said, “She brings a really nice energy to the center, which is something that’s necessary. She has relevant experience because she comes from New York writing centers, so she’s had practice.”

From Cooley’s experience working with Green and seeing her interact with the students, he said, “She seems very, very good at working one-on-one, and she really gets to know the students and work on a very personal level with them, which I think is really effective.”

Green found that she missed working one-on-one with students in the writing center when she began teaching classes. She was looking for another job in a writing center when the WC opportunity was suggested to her. She was encouraged to apply, and each step of the process fell into place. She had a phone interview for the position on the same day she was at a conference where John Boyd, the director of the Writing Center, was also giving a presentation. She met him at the conference and again when she came for an interview. Green was hired in December and had her first day at WC on Jan. 8.

Boyd said, “She has arrived in the middle of the academic year and gotten to work immediately. She is putting together promotional material for us, she’s planning the Senior Thesis Boot Camp that we have planned for later this month, and she is already taking a part in educating and preparing our tutors to work with other students. She is involved in all of those things, doing a great job, and it’s really a pleasure to work with her.”

After the high anxiety of New York City with long commutes, Green is finding the slower pace of Chestertown to be a welcomed change. She said, “I have time to think about what I am going to do with my life. I not only have time to think, but I also have time to do it well.”

She is becoming acquainted with Chestertown, visiting places such as Evergrain, and scoping out scenic spots to visit in the spring when the weather is warmer.



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