Winter Clothing 2015: The Necessities

By Matt Ridge

Elm Staff Writer


At times it seems like the weather this time of year forbids any kind of fashion to take place. With the urge to bundle up and layer your clothes as much as possible it’s hard to make keeping warm look good. While sweatpants, sweatshirts, and slippers are extremely tempting, they’re not always the most fashionable choices, though I am guilty of having days like this as well. With a few simple tips I will help you enhance your look and still keep the heat in.

The simplest way to keep warm is with the three basics of winter: a coat, a scarf, and a pair of gloves. Practical winter coats are typically not the most stylish articles of clothing. They appear to be mostly strange solid colors and are puffy messes that give little to know shape to your body. While these types of coats are nice to have in a blizzard or while skiing down a mountain, casually they can be a pain to wear and take off everywhere. The easiest coat to look good in, and probably the most popular choice of any other men’s coat is a pea coat. In this day and age everyone knows what a pea coat is and not only how simple they are but how high end they always appear. Not all pea coats look the same, but no matter the style, length, or color, they are a staple in men’s winter fashion. Another extremely stylish coat (if you have the money) is a belted trench coat. This European look is essentially a longer pea coat with a belt around the waist.

Above, Matt Ridge models his basics of winter.
Above, Matt Ridge models his basics of winter.

I mentioned scarves in my previous article, but now I’ll go in to a bit more detail about what is appropriate and when. The answer is short and simple: scarves don’t necessarily have to match your outfit but it’s always a plus when they do. Some scarves can be considered accessories and be incorporated into casual outfits if they are skinny scarves and not overly large winter scarves. Scarves made with thin material are acceptable to wear with an outfit without a coat but if your scarf is bulkier and definitely made to be a functional warm piece of clothing, it should almost always be worn with a coat. Infinity scarves, or scarves that are essentially connected to make a circle, are the easiest to pair with any outfit and go great with a pea coat. Scarves can be as fun or as plain as you want. Whether you want one simple color or a plaid design with lots of funky colors, scarves are a great way to bring a little bit of uniqueness to your wardrobe.

There isn’t much to say about gloves other than it’s important that you have a pair since your hands are the most susceptible to the cold temperatures. Fingerless gloves are very in, but it’s tough to get away with wearing them now that it is so excruciatingly cold. My personal opinion is that a lot of money shouldn’t be spent on winter gloves since they’re more for practicality than any other seasonal accessory. Other trends to be aware of are flannels, jogger pants, and beanie hats; all of which will be the subject of Elm articles in the future.

Being warm out in the cold or looking good can be a tough choice to make. Dressing warmly doesn’t always have to mean sacrificing being fashionable. With these tips and pointers to come in future Elm articles, you’ll be able to transform your slumpy winter wardrobe into something that people will admire. No matter how you choose to dress, looking and feeling confident in what you are wearing is the best way to get people to admire your fashion sense. Loving what you’re wearing is what really matters.

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