A Goose and A Gander: Let’s talk about sex… and relationships, and dating, and everything in between!

By Nick Anstett and Kayla Kyle

Elm Staff Writers


This week, Nick and Kayla are discussing the dangers to be aware of while on spring break. They have come up with different things to keep an eye out for, but remind you to still have fun. Check back after spring break for more issues covered by A Goose and A Gander.


Nick says… Spring break is one of those things that pop culture has solidified as part of college life to the point where it stands right alongside midnight cramming, Greek life, and beer pong. While it seems only a portion of the Washington College campus departs for a tropical getaway every March, it’s still enough to notice a trend. That being said, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Look, spring break should be fun. We all deserve a little bit of beach partying after several rough weeks of winter weather, tests, and whatever else this semester has thrown at us. The fact of the matter is that spring break is a rampant source for crime and violence for many college students. In 2013, global intelligence organization STRATFOR estimated that over 150,000 college students would travel to Mexico alone for their spring break location. Add in other destinations such as Miami and other spots along the Gulf and you have over a million traveling students every year.

While the general public concensus may be that locations within the United States are safer than those in say Mexico or South America, this is not necessarily the case. In a study by the analyst group Avvo in 2011, Orlando, Fla. was actually found to be the most dangerous spring break location with a rapid uptick in violent crime including theft, rape, murder, and kidnappings. Other popular Florida destinations such as Daytona Beach and Miami also made the top 10 list.

I say this not to be the chiding pseudo-father figure warning you of the dangers of the outside world.  Party hard. Have fun. Hell, have a fling with someone you may never see again. Keep your wits about you and think twice before doing actions that you might not give more than a passing thought to back home. Traveling in groups, pouring your own drinks, and designating sober buddies will go a long way to ensuring that you have a fun but also safe trip.

Kayla says… Spring break is just around the corner and we all know what that means: a week of studying, catching up on some reading, and working ahead, right? Wrong. For those of you who are single, recently broken up, in an open relationship, or just looking for an adventure, spring break is all about looking for the perfect fling. Whether it is with Dan the frat boy with the hot bod in South Carolina or the sexy dime Amanda in Miami, spring flings are passionate, fun-filled, and a once-in-a-year endeavor that is open to anyone and everyone who is interested and consents. You can try that new Kama Sutra position you’ve been wanting to try, finally find a new location to get it on like the beach or simply enjoy the flirting ritual that may arise between you and your future fling. There is no use in worrying about what people are going to think about your wants and desires. I mean you are only there for a week and what are the chances that you will see this person again? Who cares what they may say. This is your opportunity to have a fun fling with no questions asked. Therefore, spring break is your time to shine sexually, socially, physically, and emotionally. So it’s time to hop on the horse and to release some of those endorphins that have been locked away by stress.

However, while you are enjoying your sexual freedom in your spring break paradise, here are some key things to remember in order to fully enjoy your future spring fling safely.


1. Only pursue the fling if you have consent from those who may be involved.

2. In order to avoid unwanted STIs and pregnancies, always use protection, such as condoms, birth control, etc.

3. For unwanted drama or misunderstandings, make sure to fully communicate what you want to whoever is involved, whether you want a one-night stand, a week long fling, or, if you feel so inclined, a long distance relationship.

4. Avoid going to unknown areas alone and always make sure to have a buddy. While it may seem elementary to enforce the buddy system, it is important to have a friend with you or one who knows where you are for safety purposes.

5. Think before you act.


Remember, spring break is the time to experiment, adventure, and delve into the unknown wherever you may end up for the week. However, to have the best time, also keep in mind that safety comes first, inside and outside the bedroom. So while you are packing your bathing suit and sunglasses, don’t forget to pack a box of condoms and sunscreen. There is nothing worse than a mixture of sunburn and a new STI.

So finally, go out and enjoy your spring break wherever you may be going. Have fun meeting new people, exploring new landscapes, and fulfilling your fling fantasies. Use your spring break wisely, or don’t. Just remember it only comes around once a year.



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