Chic Choice: Alex Madaus

By Matt Ridge

Elm Staff Writer


As indicated by my weekly articles, men’s fashion is tricky. Being a fashionable guy takes a certain skill and self-awareness that not every man feels the need to showcase. When I set out this week to find a stylish male to highlight for my Chic Choice of the week I will be honest and say that the men of this campus definitely let me down. With the harsh cold and the awful wetness of campus it’s understandable that guys have been choosing to dress practically and comfortably as opposed to fashionably. Thankfully, I was able to find Alex Madaus, a senior, whom I know to dress sophisticatedly no matter the occasion.

What he’s wearing: Madaus has paired a black and white checkered button up with a dark green, crew neck sweater. He’s chosen to wear complementary maroon, corduroy pants and has tied it all together with a brown belt to match his brown shoes.

Above, Madaus models his ‘50s inspired wardrobe. He got his outfit from J. Crew. You can find J. Crew in the Premium Queenstown Outlet Mall.
Above, Madaus models his ‘50s inspired wardrobe. He got his outfit from J. Crew. You can find J. Crew in the Premium Queenstown Outlet Mall.

Where he got it: “It’s all from J.Crew,” he said. “I can’t honestly remember where the pants came from but probably J.Crew like everything else. The outlets are fantastic.” Madaus, like many, takes advantage of the bargains that more expensive stores like J.Crew have at outlet stores. The closest outlet mall in Queenstown it is just 30 minutes away and has the J.Crew outlet that Madaus is referring to.

Why he chose it: “I’m a big fan of layers. Most people wear big sweatshirts to stay warm but I like the look of layering. The color coordination that is possible makes the colors [of every piece of clothing] stand out.”

Style Inspiration: “I would have to say the late ‘50s, early ‘60s. Men’s fashion doesn’t change much but there’s a certain elegance that goes into all the coordination. It’s an art in and of itself if you can dress yourself well.”

Can’t leave the dorm without: “A belt. Both for the fact that it keeps my trousers on but it’s also a good staple to have. It defines the line of the top and the bottom, so it’s not one big flow of nothing.”

Number one fashion tip: “Complementary colors are your friend. You can dress in a gradient and it works, but if you mix and match it will help you stand out and you’ll feel better.”

Favorite Fashion Era: “Again, the Late ‘50s. That kind of ‘classic male’.”

How would you describe your style: “Contemporary classic. I’m not using the standard black, white, red tie to look good, but I’m always going to have the collars, the jackets, and the ties.”

Madaus’ style is a refreshing spin on trends that have been popular in men’s fashion for decades. As he so keenly stated, men’s fashion doesn’t change very much so learning how to dress now will definitely benefit you in the future. Developing your own unique style is important to owning who you are, so don’t be afraid to try new things. Madaus offers one last piece of advice to those experimenting with style: “Always make sure your shoes match your belt.”

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