Get Bikini Body Ready

By Cristin Lalone

Elm Staff Writer


Spring break has passed and now most people are thinking about how they just have to get through finals then summer 2015 will be here. For most women though, it’s something like “oh crap I am not ready for bikini season to be here soon.”

This may mean you need to start hitting the gym to gain some muscles or lose those few pounds you put on over the winter. Either way, you need to start now to get the results you want.  Most doctors say for safe weight loss, you should be losing one to two pounds per week. Anymore than that can be bad for your health.

Get bikini body ready by making healthy choices and  taking fitness classes offered at WC.
Get bikini body ready by making healthy choices and taking fitness classes offered at WC.

You can start this easily and slowly just by making good choices. This can include choosing to walk somewhere close instead of driving or going for a run or hitting the gym instead of binge watching Netflix all afternoon after classes. If you aren’t a huge fan of going to the fitness center, you can try bike rides, runs, or long distance walking. Another option would be trying out some of fitness classes offered for free to students in the Johnson Fitness Center Studio and Cain Studio. The schedule for these classes is listed on the Washington College website under the Johnson Fitness Center.

If you are a fan of the gym but never know what to do when you get there, then check out Pinterest. I am guilty of having spent many instances looking up and pinning interesting workouts and trying many of them out. For the perfect bikini body, you will want to focus on your abs, arms, butt, and thighs. Since you want to work on those four key areas, you can plan your workouts to work each part of your body a small and even amount everyday you work out or set out each day of the week as working only that area. For example, Mondays can be abdominals day, Tuesdays can be arms day, Wednesday can be butt day, and Thursdays can be thighs day. I personally am a fan of working each part of your body everyday because then you can’t over do your arms after an arm’s day.

For the food aspect, there is a lot you can do. If you are not ready to go to the completely healthy side, then try slowly going that way by making better choices. This can be choosing a salad with chicken or another healthy food for a few days a week for lunch instead of pizza, adding fruit to your sandwich at Create instead of a bag of chips, or choosing water or unsweetened iced tea instead of sugary soda. These smaller choices can start adding up to better things. Many studies and doctors say not eating late at night will help make your metabolism better, which majorly affects your weight. This means try setting a goal for not allowing yourself to eat after a certain time.

So no matter how much weight you want to lose or muscle you want to gain, get started now so you can do it in a healthy way and have fun while you are doing it. This can be making healthy food choices in the dining hall, finding workouts and doing them, or even making a fun inspirational playlist to listen to while you are getting active.

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