Hero of the Week

By Erin Bloodgood

Elm Staff Writer


This week’s hero is a young lady who recently took the world by storm, the dog world that is. Miss P, or Peyton, is an adorable 15-inch beagle that won Best in Show (the ultimate title) on Tuesday, Feb. 17 at the 139th Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Beautiful beagle Peyton, better known as Miss P, with her Best in Show ribbon.
Beautiful beagle Peyton, better known as Miss P, with her Best in Show ribbon.

The competition was intense with many champions in the ring, including Matisse, a Portuguese Water Dog that is the cousin of none other than Sunny Obama, the president’s newest family member. Unfortunately for Sunny, Miss P stole the show with her perfect form and show skills. Dogs are carefully inspected and judged on many different characteristics in order to be considered for the title. Only the best of the breed can win the title of Best in Show. Many were surprised when Miss P won because she is only the second beagle ever to have won the title. The first winner back in 2008 was Uno, her great uncle.

Miss P was given a ribbon and a steak from Sardi’s, a New York City restaurant famous for the caricatures of celebrities that adorn its walls. Although Miss P has won the grand title of Best in Show her owners have decided to retire her from the show world and breed her to let her lineage pass on. Miss P is a hero to the dog world, paving the way for dogs not specifically bred for showing to win the big title.


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