SGA Corner March 3

By Catalina Righter

News Editor


Taylor Frey and Jaclyn Gibbons were elected as the 2015-2016 Presdient and Vice president of SGA.

In accordance with the Roberts Rule of Order, when a club or special interest group is being approved, a member of the Organizations Committee cannot motion to approve it as a special interest group or a club if the committee does  not reccommend to approve them.


Student Services and Campus Properties Committee

– Western Shore will be receiving new furniture.

Budget Committee

– Phi Delta Theta withdrew a discretionary funds request.

Elections and Constitutional Review Committee

– Elections went well; thank you to everyone who helped and congratulations to the winners.

Organizations Committee

– Do not recommend National Society for Leadership and Success for approval as a club.

– Still working out a plan for how honor societies will function within the SGA.


New Business 

– A motion was passed to approve Sports Fishing Club as a special interest group. They currently have 25 members and are advised by Waterfront Director Ben Armiger.

– A motion was passed to approve the Campus Garden Club as a special interest group. They currently have 12 members and are advised by Shane Brill. They were diferentiated from the Student Environmental Alliance and the campus garden interns.


Non-Senatorial Open Forum

– The ice on the walkways has been a problem but Buildings and Grounds has been doing their best.

– Review Board applications are due on March 16.

– Speaker elections are due on March 17.

– Executive Board applications are due March 25.

– A motion did not pass to approve No Limits as a Class B club, bypassing interest group status. The main objection was low membership and low possibility of new membership. They are currently a part of the Music Collegium but the Music Collegium faces possible inactivity due to membership concerns.

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