Spring Break and Movies

By Catalina Righter and Emma Buchman

News Editor and Opinion Editor


This year it looks like the spring in spring break is going to be an abstract term with low temperatures and lingering piles of frozen slush. Unless you’re leaving for more tropical surroundings this is going to limit your options for fun outdoor activities. That naturally means it’s acceptable to stay inside and binge on movies like a pile of human sludge (like you really need an excuse to do that). Binge-watching a long series of films in particular is probably one of the most fun things you will ever do while also being the laziest you’ve ever been.

Wait, don’t give up completely. To make your time in the great-indoors a little more special here are some themed activities to go along with popular binge movies. It will be almost like you’re partying in an exotic and mysterious location. Think Hogwarts, or even Florida.


1. New movies from this year that you haven’t seen yet

I know my to-watch list next week includes the Tim Burton film “Big Eyes.” Period films like this one are especially fun to plan a day around. In this case, the time period of “Big Eyes” brings to mind the retro fascination with Jell-O salads. To make your own, find a fancy mold at a thrift store and fill with an arrangement of Jell-O, fruit, or even candy and gummies (if there happens to be a bit of alcohol in that Jello, we won’t tell).  Once you’re snacking, try doing some painting or drawing in the spirit of the movie. If you’re really ambitious, and concerned with making good art, there are plenty of free painting tutorials to try out on Pinterest.

Another movie many are waiting to see is the much-discussed “Fifty Shades of Grey.” We’ll leave the suggested activities for this one up to your imagination.  Other newbies we suggest are “The Imitation Game,” “Big Hero 6,” and “The Theory of Everything.”


2. Old standbys

“Insidious:”  This is just an umbrella pick that can be replaced with any quality horror movie. While not an A+ quality film, it is much better than the run-of-the-mill scare flick that you’ll find on Netflix. Horror movies are a great way to get the blood pumping and make you feel like you’re actually doing something other than sitting on your couch with a Chipotle burrito. Plus, there’s nothing better after watching a couple of horror movies than unwinding with a comedy film to relax your frazzled nerves. A film like “22 Jump Street,” is a great spring break-themed pick. It’s a hysterical film with humor both obnoxiously raunchy and surprisingly smart. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can go for both of the “21 Jump Street” films.

Other class-A horror film options include, “Halloween,” and “The Ring.” The best activity for horror films is to test your stamina: try to avoid flinching at the scary parts, and if you’re really hardcore try to avoid covering your eyes with the blankets when Samara comes out.


3. Huge Film Series

A very satisfying use of the long blocks of time during any break can be watching an entire movie series back to back.

One of our favorite suggestions is watching all eight Harry Potter movies, which is especially fun because you get to see the stars grow up with the films and observe the different directing styles present throughout the series. To make your experience more magical, try making milkshakes or, if you’re a fully-grown wizard, magic-themed cocktails. Remember, don’t drink and apparate. If you are truly insatiable when it comes to Potter, be sure to check Pottermore.com for more J.K. Rowling-created content to supplement each story in the series.

Other film series suggestions are “The Hobbit,” “The Lord of the Rings,” “Star Wars,” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.” If you’re really committed to the cause of Middle Earth, we challenge you to watch “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings,” all in one go. The suggested activity for this one is researching ways to style the Gandalf-worthy beard you will have by the time you finish them all.



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