The Cabin Fever Diet

By Cristin Lalone

Elm Staff Writer


In the six weeks we have been back, there have been at least 18 days of precipitation of some kind and 22 days of below 40 degree weather. Just writing that gives me the chills. Those statistics make a lot of people want to not go outside or even leave their dorm or house to get food. What do you do on those days when you don’t want to leave? Have a pizza delivered?  Eat the leftover candy mom sent you for Valentine’s Day? Visit your bin or drawer of junk food under your bed? All of these things you know you shouldn’t do.

On top of binge eating of junk food on those cold winter days, you probably aren’t being active or working out. Along with that, some people say the stress of college and winter time leave you feeling upset or stressed. It is common to turn to “comfort food” like chips, candy, or pizza. This will lead to those couple extra winter pounds that some people say keep them warm.

Turning to food in your room on a cold day when you do not want to leave doesn’t always have to be a bad thing as long as your snack drawer is stocked properly with healthier snacks. If you look ahead at the weather for the whole week and see it is going to be really cold one day, you can grab an extra apple or piece of fruit from the dining hall or grocery store. With many fruits like apples or banana, you can pair these with peanut butter, caramel, or a hazelnut spread. If you want more of a hot meal, you could stock up on Campbell’s Soup On the Go cups and bowls. These come in many flavors, such as chicken with mini noodles. It also comes in at only 60 calories and 20 percent of your daily Vitamin A for one of the cups. Campbell’s even makes Healthy Request options, which are lower in cholesterol, saturated fat, and sodium.

One of my personal favorite healthier snacks that does not go bad fast, can be eaten anytime of day, and you can be personalized to your liking is trail mix. I put a variety of different nuts and raisins in it for the healthy aspect and a handful of M&M’s for a sweet taste.

For keeping yourself active, at the beginning of the week set a certain time to go to gym. If you keep to that schedule from the beginning of the week, treat yourself in an enjoyable way at the end of the week. Dr. Perry Barrett of Aberdeen University said in the winter, people tend to eat sweeter, high fat count, and high calorie count.

Even if you have a crazy busy day with classes and activities, you should try to exercise a few days a week for your health and sanity. If your brain gets fried from hours in the library and classes, 30 to 60 minutes away from schoolwork doing something active will help. Being active can include anything from going to the gym, going for a walk, or playing a physical game with friends.


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